SöRF FiLM FEST is a filmfestival for landlocked surfers based in Austria that focusses on open-air screenings at lakes and beautiful locations! We are looking for films that deliver surfing, riversurfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing. Your film can be entertainint, artistic or just inspirational. We select and award a set of films for a one-night-show that will be screened open air in several locations in Austria and Germany. For dates and locations check our website.

€ 500 - Best movie
€ 100 - official selection

1) Maximum length: 40 minutes
2) Synopsis (Summary, Producer, Cast, DOP, Location, ...)
3) final screener or a close to final version for download or streaming (final screener to be delivered by 1. july 2021;
4) Trailer in HD 15Mbps for download;
5) a minimum of 5 photos in hires that represent the essence of the movie; cleared rights for presswork and promotional purpose mandatory; behind-the-scenes pictures are welcome; filename must be: Athlete_Movie_Location_Photographer; photocredit will always be listed;
6) We welcome attendance of director/athlete at screenings;
7) Premieres will be preferred
8) Movie should not be available online for free before 1. September 2021
9) Language: Movies in German and English are accepted. Movies in a different language need to have english or german subtitles.
10) Filmmakers agree to the use of up to 3 minutes of their films for SFF promotion purposes.
11) Officially Selected Films agree to be played on the SFF Tour in summer 2021.
12) By submitting your film you constitute your full and complete acceptance of the terms hereof and acknowledge that no oral representations of any kind have been made by the the Festival.

Feel free to e-mail us in case you have any questions or issues with deadline, uploads or other terms. We really want to try everything to take your movie under consideration.