Superfest International Disability Film Festival is the longest running disability film festival in the world. Since it first debuted in a small Los Angeles showcase in 1970 it has become an eagerly anticipated international event—co-hosted by San Francisco's Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired and the Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability at San Francisco State. For more than 30 years, Superfest has celebrated cutting-edge cinema that portrays disability through a diverse, complex, unabashed and engaging lens. Superfest is one of the few festivals worldwide that is accessible to disabled filmgoers of all kinds.

Best of Festival: Full Length Feature
A work of exceptional quality. The film judged to be the most outstanding full length feature film.

Best of Festival: Short Film (under 45 minutes)
A work of exceptional quality. The film judged to be the most outstanding short film.

P.K. Walker Award in Innovation in Craft
Film judged to make the most innovative use of narrative, cinematography, or other filmmaking techniques to encourage exploration of the experiences of people with disabilities. Added in 2006, this award recognizes Pamela K. Walker’s many contributions to Superfest as its leader from 1998-2002.

Disabled Filmmaker Award
Film judged to be an outstanding work in which a person with a disability has a significant role in producing the film, e.g. producer, director or writer.

Advocacy Award
Film judged to have the most powerful message for disability justice.

Artistry Award
Film that best links disability and the arts.

Access Award
Film with the best accessibility through captioning and audio description.

Liane Yasumoto Jury's Choice Award

By submitting to Superfest, filmmakers are granting permission to show their film at the festival and to exhibit all or portions of their film at Superfest Showcases. Filmmakers are also required to provide captioning and audio-description for accessibility to the widest possible audience.​

All films screened at Superfest 2018 will receive an honorarium. Short films receive $100 and features $200.

Overall Rating
  • Marrok Sedgwick

    I really enjoyed working with this festival.

    June 2019
  • Ray Jacobs

    Superfest International Film Festival is a great festival full to brimming with cutting edge diverse films from around the globe. It is an inspiring environment to be in and supportive of filmmakers visiting the festival. Its accessibility for disabled audience and artists alike, a true gem of a festival.

    November 2016
  • Jordan Melograna

    Outstanding presentation, excellent Q&A session and networking opportunities.

    November 2016
  • Michael Achtman

    Superfest is an amazing festival with a loyal, sophisticated audience. Organization is brilliant via a partnership between Longhouse Institute on Disability and LIghthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Communication was excellent and they facilitated our visit to San Francisco to attend the screening and participate in a lively post-screening Q&A. Screenings include open audio description and captions which create an inclusive and accessible experience for audiences. A great experience for filmmakers.

    October 2016