Super 9 Mobile Film Fest, is an international festival exclusively dedicated to movies recorded on mobile phones with open competition to all countries, based on Portugal.

Films from 1 to 15 minutes of different genres:
- Fiction
- Documentary
- Animation
- Experimental
- Music videos

Super 9 is a year-round online mobile film festival, the competition takes place over nine months (from April to December) on the platform:

All films that get published are nominated to the Awards. The awarded films are selected by our Jury, but the Audience Award is won by the film with most public votes between December and January.

- Best Fiction
- Best Documentary
- Best Animation
- Best Music Video,
- Best Experimental
- Best Portuguese Film
- Audience Award (most voted by the public)

Producer - United Kingdom

Director and Actor - Brazil

Creative Director - New York

Producer - New York

Director - Portugal

Actress - Portugal


- Cellphone/Smartphone/Tablet ONLY;

- EDITING on computer is ALLOWED, (including audio and effects);

- Minimum DURATION of 1 minute to a maximum of 15 minutes;

- 5 GENRES ALLOWED: documentary, fiction, music video, experimental and animation.

- All films must have ENGLISH SUBTITLES (if not voiced in English);

- The COMPETITION takes place over NINE MONTHS (from April to December);

- All PRIZES (except the Audience Award) are awarded by the JURY of the festival;

- The AUDIENCE AWARD is won by the film with the biggest public vote count (votes are submitted by the public, and the polls open in DECEMBER for one month);

- REGISTRATION can only be done through FilmFreeway, until October 31st.

- All entries must be ORIGINAL (they may not infringe the copyrights of any other individuals or trademarks);

- SUPER 9 works online: all films must be in an ONLINE HOSTING PLATFORM and should have NO PASSWORD (they can be shared with an unlisted link instead);

- Also, all films must comply with the Terms of Service and Conduct of hosting platforms such as YOUTUBE, VIMEO.

- Films are BROUGHT ONLINE to our platform as they are SELECTED;

- SUPER 9 reserves the right to use the movies or excerpts for PROMOTION of the festival (public presentations, online media, TV broadcast, film festivals);

- All contestants MUST, for all legal purposes, take full responsibility for the films that enter the contest;

- ALL AWARDED AUTHORS undertake to mention the SUPER 9 festival in all press and advertising;

- The SUPER 9 organization takes full responsibility for solving issues not covered by this regulation;

- Noncompliance with these rules upon submission will result in automatic rejection of the film.

Overall Rating
  • Every mobile filmmaker should meet the Super9 Film Festival!

    February 2019
  • really nice to have my American short doc "IT'S GOOD TO BE HATED" featured in Super 9, and I was happy to read some correspondence from film fans across the world who saw the short as promoted by the festival! Really appreciate it! - MIKE

    February 2019
  • Paul Kelly

    This is an amazing festival with wonderful organizers and some really talented filmmakers presenting their work. It was a great honor to have my film, The Unattended, recognized as an Official Selection by a film festival that really cares about filmmakers and their work. Attention All Filmmakers: Bookmark this festival for next year and every year!

    February 2019
  • Стефан Войводов

    Great festival and it was honour to be part of it!

    February 2019
  • I’m very proud to have been part of this amazing Festival with our short movie!

    February 2019