The Super8000 Film Festival is non-competitive event, exhibiting short films from the best European talents and talents from all over the world and inviting exciting keynote speakers to join the reflection on how to rethink the way we tell stories for the big screen. The festival is part of European Culture Capital - Aarhus 2023.

The Super8000 Film Festival looks for upcoming talents who have not yet broken through as established and professional filmmakers. Super8000 invites International and European talents and professionals to meet each other in an atmosphere of trust, offering reflections on the way we use and interpret genre and the narrative form.

The festival takes place 4-9 of August 2024, and consists of two events: a micro-experimental, five-day workshop for selected European film talents, that overlaps with a major three-day exhibition, hosted by the art house cinema East of Eden (Øst for Paradis).

Be part of the Super8000 Film Festival, submit your work or join us in rethinking storytelling!

Super8000 calls for an atmosphere of trust, curiosity and what we can learn from each other, and therefore, the classical element of competition is dispensed. However, Super8000 wants to recognize and celebrate filmmakers who have incorporated bold and surprising elements of rethinking within storytelling in their works. Therefore, the jury will select 6 winners among all the films screened at the festival, to receive the Super8000 Rethink Award, which includes a separate screening opportunity at a prominent venue, where the work will be exhibited to a large audience.

Submissions are accepted both from European countries and worldwide. Apply only via electronic submission.

Only films that meet the following criterias are accepted for the selection jury:
1) 1-40 minutes of length
2) Country of production: Filmmakers from all countries are invited to apply
3) Production year: 2022+
4) Format: A vimeo link including password
5) Subtitles: All films (including English spoken) must have English subtitles.
6) Garants: Film talents from European Film schools or film workshops
7) Genre: Live action and narrative fiction
8) Age of filmmakers: 18+

In order to be selected for the exhibition, you must submit a short description (max 400 characters) explaining in which way your film rethinks storytelling.

By applying for the Super8000 exhibition you agree to allow the Super8000 festival and European Culture Capital - Aarhus 2023 to use text, photos, short video clips and other visual material from your work for PR and Marketing purpose.