The Sugarly Sweet Film Festival is a theme festival, at which viewers can watch melodrama and feel-good movies. 16, 17, 18 and 19th of November 2023. It will take place in Schiedam (next to Rotterdam) in the Netherlands.
Approx. 90 long movies will be shown on 15 historical locations in Schiedam.

The challenge lies in showing a short film before a long movie starts.
It’s a unique way of letting people become more familiar with short films.
This short film should last no longer than 4 minutes.

There will be a jury of the field and the winner gets the "Silver Tear" and also €500,- .
(There will be only one price to be given)

We don't want to see a violent film for the competition, a horror film is allowed if it has a nice ending.
Other than that there are none rules.

What we need is the movies as MP4 or mov file, with a photo and a story about what the movie is about. But extensive information is desirable.
I don't want the films older than 5 years.