Recognizing the need for more digital dance exposure among our youth, the Student Dance Film Festival seeks to promote and support local and international student filmmakers to provide an affordable platform for them to share their work. The festival also offers the community at large a new way to observe and experience dance.

Dance Council of North Texas | Oak Cliff Society of Fine Arts Turner House

Best of Fest Prize: $100

SUBMISSIONS: Submissions will be evaluated on the unique perspectives and ways the filmmakers can capture choreography. Static full frame videos will not be accepted.
• Utilize creative and dynamic angles, movements, and framing to capture the performance.
• Entries are welcome to be any medium/genre (animation, live-action, narrative, documentary, etc.).
• Demonstrate inventiveness and originality, cohesiveness and clarity of artistic intention, quality of choreography, performance, cinematography, and editing.
• Artists are responsible for holding copyright permission for any elements used in the film that require permission such as music, text, images.The following resource may be of assistance for information on music copyright:

Press materials to include high-resolution production stills, trailers, director bio, and other production materials should be sent to be considered by the screening committee.

Length: 1 - 3 minutes max
Must incorporate Dance
Must pay fee per submission
2 submissions per artist or group
Open to any full time student 14 - 22 years old
$5 Submission Fee
Opening: September 7, 2023
Deadline: October 15
Notification Date: November 1
Event Date: November 12
*Excerpts of films submitted may be used for marketing purposes unless specifically requested to not use.