This one-day festival is looking to shine a spotlight on strange and bizarre short films. This festival will place an emphasis on films that are funny, weird, creepy, or all of the above.

Our primary focus is horror-comedy, but we try not to limit ourselves by genre too much so we may include films that are entirely comedy, entirely horror, or that don't fit neatly into any genre. We also don't adhere to strict rules about what is and isn't horror.

We love underground filmmakers, low budget filmmakers, first time filmmakers, and people who are passionate about filmmaking. There is no budget too small to make a great film!

What are we looking for? It's probably easier to just throw some words at you to get the idea:
Existential Dread!
Low budget!

All films must be under 20 minutes in length.
All entries must be complete.
All films must be in English or subtitled. Selected films that are not in English must have embedded subtitles.
No physical copies - all films must be provided in high res digital format.

Selected films will be featured at the Strange Maynard Independent Film Festival as well as other screenings and conventions throughout the year with the filmmakers permission.

Overall Rating
  • Kim Katzberg

    A gem of a festival. Unusual, original and funny films- the programming is expert!

    May 2024
  • Grateful to have been part of this festival with some very talented filmmakers! Great communication from the festival team- we will definitely submit again!

    May 2024
  • Wild programming from a wildly supportive programmer. The team at Strange Maynard puts on one helluva festival!

    May 2023
  • This is absolutely the best new fest out there. Truly one of the best firsts I have had a screening at in my a few short years as a filmmaker thus far. But that’s a lot of screenings! And this was truly one of the best of them. In every way. There’s an absolutely indispensable, friendly, almost family vibe between the staff and filmmakers and the audience, one of those awesome facts where there is little line between all of these things and folks are free to interact about the films they’ve seen with one another in a very open way. That atmosphere is fostered by the festivals creator and staff, it is deeply appreciated. One of the best things about fess is overhearing the discussions that follow your screening, that will definitely happen at strange Menard. Here is wishing this unbelievable festival another 30, 40, 50 years of excellence in celebrating Film and its short, strange, weird, offkilter form. This wishing this unbelievable festival another 30, 40, 50 years of excellence in celebrating Film and it’s short, strange, weird, offkilter form. This festival is in its first year and already achieved perfection. Not sure how else to say it. Oh yeah - it’s five hours of amazing, well curated indie shorts and it’s $10!!! There is no greater value for your film dollar. 10/10

    May 2023
  • Incredible film fest. Fantastic programming by a very insightful and talented host. Can’t recommend enough. Thank you for including our film.

    May 2023