We are an exposition of the democratisation of film-making; a journey of artistic expressionism, compelling reportage and experimental story telling. A catalogue of ideas, opinions and revelations prepared by the emerging as well as the celebrated.

Stockholm Independent Film Festival (SIFF) is a gathering of young and old, experienced and new recruits to showcase their talent and passion in the art of film.

Our judges will be looking for films that are pushing the boundaries of contemporary story telling. Inspire us or challenge us. An audience awaits ready to submit themselves to your creation and award those who successfully capture our imagination or build our curiosity.

Screenings will take place at the historical Zita Folkets Biograf venue in the heart of Stockholm.

Following the screenings, there will be an awards ceremony and a networking event.

We are accepting submissions for our third edition in 2019!

A trophy and certificate will be provided to all winners!

Jury's Award - Awarded to the project that our Jury's has scored the highest!
Best Short Film
Best Feature Documentary
Best Short Documentary
The Arthouse Award
Best Student Project
And Many More!

*In regards to intellectual property, you are fully responsible for the clearance of any music, sound, images or graphics contained in your entry. If any record company or music publisher contacts us about an entry’s music rights, we will refer that company to you so be sure to obtain all the appropriate clearances beforehand.

*It is in our discretion whether or not we choose to promote your film via our social media channels or website. This may include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or a blog.

*All content that is submitted in a language other than English is required to have English subtitles included.

*We have no requirement for the date of completion of your project, nor any location-based requirements. We believe in democratising all films.

*We retain the right to change the date or location of the festival, granted we keep it within Stockholm.

*You must comply with the terms and conditions of the premises venue, including age restrictions regarding the purchase of alcohol, food and other beverages. We expect you to behave appropriately.

*Films must be submitted on DVD NTSC or PAL or as an online screener. We do NOT screen films in any other format.

*Once an entry payment has been processed, we cannot provide a refund.

*You may receive marketing newsletters and discounts about film festivals from us. You information will never be shared with 3rd parties.