The Staten Island Film Festival ( ) will be presenting the Lady Liberty Awards given for exceptional, timeless filmmaking classics. Innovative and emerging filmmakers are equally invited, providing the film shows the ability to become a classic or cult classic. This award shall be complete with a red carpet event (@ St. George Theatre - September 23 & 24, 2020) with screenings, professional and public panel discussion, social & music events, special industry appearances, and last but not least, some noteworthy Staten Island eateries.

We'll gather together over two nights to honor and celebrate local, city-wide, national and international, original & classic outstanding FILMMAKERS on this planet.

are automatically celebrated upon entry. We will put ALL FILM SUBMISSIONS right through all our Social Media to help get exposure to your film. Give us a day or two.

FILMMAKERs don't just need awards and prizes. They need CA$H. We get it. We got you.

Cash awards are given on a lottery basis. This means that the more people that SUBMIT, the larger the cash prize. The amount of the prize will be a healthy percentage of the total submission fees that have been received.

This is how we do it here in Staten Island. We love money but we love sharing money too. The filmmakers want money so we thought this would be a great way to 'pay it forward.'

Our Instagram account is featured on the homepage of the website. There you can find our other Social Media (SM) channels and where your film is going to appear on all of the SM offered. seeks to promote FILMMAKERS, first and foremost. This is something extra special we do for filmmakers because we care. We get it.

We know that you:
1) want your film titles to be seen by as many people as possible,
2) want your films to be watched by qualified judges,
3) want to be in front of the industry people who make decisions, who want to buy your film, scripts, story, and plots.
4) will want to include your Social Media name, hashtags, and tagging the film and its staff.

The Lady Liberty Awards MMXX are:
• The Luxe Award (for best animation)
• The Heart Award (for best stop motion)
• The Empire Award (for best fiction short)
• The Family Award (best nonfiction short)
• The Freedom Award (for best American film)
• The People Award (for best drama) *
• The US Award (best American Director)
• The Planet Award (best International filmmaker)
• The Striking Reality Award (best doc. short)
• The Benefit Award (best doc. feature)
• The Excel Award (best Fiction feature) *
• The Excellent Award (best NonFiction feature) *
• The Empath Award (best film Direction short) *

*indicates awards that are Audience Voted.🗽

None of the other film festivals, we know of are doing a lottery-based award system, as far as we know. For this reason, we hope to disrupt the norm and affect a lasting change for the benefit of filmmakers worldwide.


We love watching and reviewing films. Please allow for the chance to set up ground rules so we can begin this relationship.

• Anything submitted to for any purpose, including, but not limited to, video, audio, photo, and other media files, and including physical media of any type, becomes property (and a memento we treasure) for promotional purposes. This is to your advantage.

• Submissions should be sent to us via a We can not return anything submitted to us, including physical media.

• Submissions may be rejected if it doesn’t meet the technical requirements for submissions. This will be stated in our “Film Submissions Requirements”.

• There will be NO Refunds for submission fees. After a film submission is sent, the will have promoted the film in our social media channels and have had a screener review it. This is what the payment has been used for.

• If a film submission is ACCEPTED by the festival, an additional amount may apply to have it screened at the festival. You will be notified of the acceptance on or before September 1, 2020. If a submission is accepted into the festival, whether it is screened or not, this does not mean that the submission automatically wins an award. If you are ACCEPTED, you will receive the ACCEPTED laurels from the

• The upside is ALL film, video, movies, who win awards are screened at no additional cost to the filmmaker/production companies. is delighted to view the work whether the film submission wins an award or not.

Respect is the basis for all good things. We respect the artists' rights in every form, so in essence we respect your work. Let’s do this together.

Filmmakers and copyright holders retain all rights to their intellectual property.

As a necessary film submission give the eternal right to use submissions for promotional purposes for which it is submitted. This benefits the filmmaker and

Likewise, we do allow filmmakers to use the name and logo solely to promote that a film has submitted to the festival, but only after the film submission has been actually and successfully submitted through FilmFreeway at the minimum of at least one entry. This is confirmed once you receive a submission confirmation email.

Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

Do PROMISE that the submission DOES NOT violate/infringes upon the intellectual property rights of any other person (business entities and trusts). This includes, but is not limited to, any music, visuals or scripts used in the submission(s), and that any narrative elements of the work submitted, including characters.

Do PROMISE that film submissions comply with all legal, financial, tax, and other regulatory requirements that were or are applicable to its production and submission, in this country or elsewhere.

Do PROMISE that contract(s) associated with the film submission complies and is HONORED for its production, whether express or implied, bilateral or unilateral, written or verbal.

Do AFFIRM that the film submission is solvent and are not a party to any proceeding in the bankruptcy courts or procedural laws of the United States.

Do AFFIRM that all information is accurate to the best of your knowledge, and that we can rely on such information in HONOR and good faith.

Do INDEMNIFY that the film submission should NOT result in any liability or judgment against the regarding any legal proceeding, mediation, or arbitration, whether as a party or not.

Do HOLD HARMLESS FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY, whether in the form of a judgment, settlement, claims, or anything else, and whether LIABILITY IS LIMITED IN ANY CASE ONLY TO AMOUNTS OF MONEY YOU HAVE ACTUALLY PAID

Thank you.