Second festival of international tourist movie that is being held in Montenegro. The festival will be traditional and it will be held at the end of every year. Montenegro is an awesome tourist destination and it has the need for awesome video presentation, so the festival is organised in that manner - So the people that are competing and people that are watching can see what great production is. The first festival is held in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. Final gala of the festival will be held in the prestige hotel Splendid in Becici - Budva. A lot world recognized people visit this hotel. The gala will be held on 30th of September 2020. at 20h. Take a look at our photo gallery from the first festival. We are pleased by the organisation of the first festival.

1. Tourism Destinations (city, region, country)
2. Cultural Tourism
3. Sports Tourism
4. Adventure Tourism
5. Hotels and Resorts
6. Events, Fairs and Congress
7. Nature and Rural Tourism
8. Wine and Gastronomic Tourism
9. Tourism Services
10. Religious Tourism

TV or documentary up to 60 minutes
1. Adventure, Expeditions and Travelling
2. Environment and Ecology
3. Nature and Wildlife
4. Ethnography and Society
5. Arts, Music and Culture
6. History and Heritage
7. Biodiversity Preservation
8. Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

1. Video Travel Bloggers (vlogs)
2. Advertising Campaigns

- Najbolji promo film
- Najbolja fotografija
- Najviše lajkovana fotografija
- Najbolje dizajniran i osmišljen sajt
- Najbolji kratki film sniman dronom
- Najbolji kratki film sniman telefonom
- Najbolji kratki film koji ima temu sjever Crne Gore
- Najbolji kratki film o zimskoj sezoni u Crnoj Gori
- Najbolja promocija (facebbok, insta, tw...)
- Najbolji promo film hotela, restorana, objekta u Crnoj Gori

Gran Prix festivala – najbolji film u svim kategorijama

Any films can apply by the categories that are mentioned. For every category there are prizes and the best movie is getting a Grand Prix.

Overall Rating
  • Miguel Ángel Sicilia

    Fake Festival $USD25 wasted

    2022 edition Never existed

    June 2023
  • I had communication from FilmFreeway that my video had been selected and then finalist but I never received any message from the festival. I sent two emails to the festival to ask for information but I didn't get answer. Social pages are not updated. I feel disappointing the lack of interest of the organizers.

    January 2023
  • Robert Dacesin

    My video got selected but I never got any message from the festival. Before the entries I sent like 5 emails to ask something and got no response. The social media pages have not been used for years and it was impossible to comunicate with anyone from the festival. Was very looking forward to this and was very disappointed with lack of care from the organizers.

    January 2023
  • We are glad to been awarded for Best Tourisme Services Film

    January 2022
  • Its good festival for young film makers

    January 2022