Star Dust Films & Screenplays Festival is an independently organised online event managed by filmmakers from New York, United States of America. It provides independent filmmakers and screenplay writers a unique platform to promote themselves.

Star Dust is a partner festival of Gold Star Movie Awards, Newark, New Jersey.

Instead of promoting just the submitted work, we at Star Dust believe in promoting the submitter (director/writer) extensively as a brand and this helps them in promoting their other projects too.

With most categories of submission we have added a +Review option to provide you with a 400 words review of your submitted work.

We accept original films and screenplays (of any length) without any production year barrier.

We accept projects of both fiction and non-fiction genres.

The monthly category awards for Films are -

1. Best Fiction American Feature
2. Best Non Fiction American Feature
3. Best Fiction Foreign Feature
4. Best Non Fiction Foreign Feature
5. Best Fiction American Shorts
6. Best Non Fiction American Shorts
7. Best Short Documentary
8. Best Feature Documentary
9. Best Episodic Documentary
10. Best Art & Experimental Film
11. Best Film on Human Rights
12. Best Situational Horror Film
13. Best Psychological Horror Film
14. Best Drama Feature
15. Best Drama Short
16. Best Debut
17. Best Student Film
18. Best Indie Short
19. Best Indie Feature
20. Best Crime Film
21. Best Horror Feature
22. Best Horror Short
23. Best Animation
24. Best Film Noir
25. Best Inspirational Film
26. Best Web Series (Single Episode)
27. Best Web Series (All episodes)
28. Best Music Video
29. Best Advertisement
30. Best Trailer
31 Best Dark Comedy
32. Best Children's Film

The monthly category awards for Screenplays are -

1. Best Short Screenplay
2. Best Feature Screenplay
3. Best Sci-Fiction Screenplay
4. Best Horror Screenplay
5. Best Thriller Screenplay
6. Best Comedy Screenplay
7. Best Romantic Screenplay
8. Best Fantasy Screenplay
9. Best Writing Debut

The monthly Technical awards for films are -

1. Best Voiceover
2. Best Song
3. Best Music
4. Best Editing
5. Best Special Effects
6. Best Direction
7. Best Composer
8. Best Set Design
9. Best Camera Work
10. Best Make-up
11. Best Costume
12. Best Actor Male
13. Best Actor Female
14. Best Actor Male (in a supporting role)
15. Best Actor Female (in a supporting role)
16. Best Sound Design

The monthly technical awards for screenplays are -

1. Best Plot
2. Best Dialogues
3. Best Character Design
4. Best Concept

Winners may order for the Star Dust Winners Trophy of premium make from our website or via our FilmFreeway page for $299 USD, including courier fees and other applicable fees.

Each official selection shall get selection laurel and printable certificate.

Each award winner shall get specific winner's laurel and printable certificate.

Awards :
Best Feature - Drama
Best Feature - Social
Best Feature - Romantic
Best Feature - Science Fiction
Best Feature - Fictional
Best Feature - Fan Fiction
Best Feature - Horror
Best Feature - Thriller
Best Feature - LGBTQIA+
Best Feature - Comedy
Best Feature - Documentary

Best Short - Drama
Best Short - Social
Best Short - Romantic
Best Short- Science Fiction
Best Short- Fictional
Best Short - Fan Fiction
Best Animation
Best Short - Horror
Best Short - Thriller
Best Short- LGBTQIA+
Best Short - Comedy
Best Short - Documentary

Best Screenplay - Feature
Best Screenplay - Short
Best Screenplay - Horror
Best Screenplay - Thriller
Best Screenplay - Fantasy
Best Screenplay - Fiction
Best Screenplay - Fan Fiction
Best Screenplay - Comedy
Best Screenplay - LGBTQIA+

Best Director
Best Debut - Director
Best Debut - Screenplay Writer
Best Actor - Male
Best Actor - Female
Best Director of Photography
Best Cinematographer
Best Editor
Best Background Score
Best Special Effects
Best Concept
Best Plot
Best Character Design
Best Dialogues

AD/Promotional Video
Music Video

Other than the awards listed above there shall be Honourable Mentions by the Jury for each category.

1. There is no production year barrier.
2. Submitted project has to be original in nature, usage of copyright free content from any open source is acceptable.
3. English subtitles are a necessity for films/videos in any other language.
4. Submission fees are non-refundable.
5. As of now we accept scripts in English only. Scripts in any other language shall be disqualified.
6.The festival committee's decision regarding the status of submission shall be final and non-negotiable.
7. Poster/behind the scene photographs maybe used on our website and social handles to promote your film/script.
8. Your photographs shall be used to promote you as a brand on our website and social handles.

Overall Rating

    March 2023
  • What an extreme honor to receive "Best Feature Screenplay". The Festival was a wonderful and very enjoyable experience. I will definitely be back!

    March 2023
  • It was indeed a pleasure and an extraordinary experience with this fantastic festival. Thank you for acknowledging "Sura Khan's The chambers – In God we Trust" (Pilot TV show). We are truly grateful.

    November 2022
  • Jim Zounis

    It was such a great honor to have our short selected & to also win for "Best Experimental Short" in the "Stardust Films & Screenplays Festival". Will definitely submit again in the coming future. Thank you all so much.

    November 2022
  • This was a real pleasure to see - an award for my feature-length screenplay «The Llandudno File». Communication was quick. I'm delighted and expect to enter this festival again!

    November 2022