Squish is a queer and feminist cultural platform, working with artists and creators to make spaces for exhibition, conversation, community, and growth. Using multidisciplinary events, publications, and radio podcasts, the organization questions identity politics with an intersectional approach aiming to dissect inequality, especially within creative fields.

Squish Movie Camp is a new recurring program of the organization. It is a research hub on working class, BIPOC, queer and feminist filmic history and a platform for a new generation of artists embodying their legacy. The goal of these multidisciplinary programs is to question self-representation as a tool to raise awareness on power dynamics.

These nomadic events will take place in different spaces in and around Rotterdam.

We organise in August an exhibition and an outdoor film festival on the broad theme of hotness & warmth. We let the artists interpret the theme, as long as it is tackled with a socio-political perspective or connects with the goals of the organization. For example, questioning the objectification of queer bodies, reflecting on global warming, deconstructing orientalist gazes, documenting the use and transportation of spices, telling summer love stories questioning gender or class norms, etc. Nudity, sexuality and explicit content are allowed.

-Screening of the movie and full credits
-Physical and online promotion
-Possibility to participate in a presentation or Q&A
-Screening fee 25€ to 150€ (depending on how much extra fund our organization can collect to finance the festival)

This call is open to filmmakers from any nationality based anywhere. We however want to focus on non-European productions.

We prioritize self-representation and members of the queer community.

Not answering the custom form or copy pasting a text that does not answer the questions will result in immediate disqualification.

You must include in your application:
-artist/collective statement & artist biography
-if you are LGBT+, BIPOC or working class
-a portfolio and/or website (anything introducing the rest of your practice)
-a trailer if your movie lasts more than 5 minutes
-a short motivation or introduction letter specifying your interest in working with our organization and how your movie connects with the theme of the festival