Sportfilm Liberec is dedicated to films about sports and is located in the magic city of Liberec in the northern Czech Republic.
It is the 27th time the City of Liberec will host the international sports film festival this year and it will be held at an beautiful Liebieg Palace, at Technical University and other locations.
Festival Liberec as the city of sport offers 10 locations, 70 film screenings, exhibitions, talks, lectures, Mental Health conference - children and sport, Gala Evening broadcast by Czech Television, where the winning films are awarded in five categories: Personalities/Documentaries/Feature Films and Series/Olympic Ideas/Methodology and Education, as well as the Grand Prize and the Director Prize. The industry programme will announce a grant to support documentaries. Around 400 films from 70 countries compete on a regular basis, with about 20 Czech films. The festival is a competitive showcase of films focused on the global theme of sport. The films are presented in dramaturgical sections with regard to the target groups (age, sports activities) in a suitable screening location. The festival programme is compiled as a selection of films evaluated by the film festival jury. From the approximately 400 films submitted, the dramaturgy group selects 30 films for competition and these are screened. The programme also includes non-competitive works as a retrospective insight into sports production. The aim of the festival is to present the best quality films as a motivational and educational tool, highlight the importance of this production and promote it. The films must respect universal values linking mental and physical development, sports and society.
During the whole year Sportfilm organizes Festival Echoes at Czech cities.

27 years long SPORTFILM FESTIVAL LIBEREC history brought thousands of great sport films and also awards for them, also at World FICTS Challende finals at Milan. In 2019, the Czech Television co-production film The Golden Sting was awarded the prestigious prize Guirlande d’Honneur and in 2021, the film Mr Kriss was awarded Guirlande d´Honneur by the jury of Milan Final. In 2022, there were amazing three prizes for Czech film finalists: Last Race, Zatopek, Jan Koller. Year 2023 film The Modry Case (Czech TV) achieved Guirlande d´Honneur and Martin Škrtel (VDN Promo) Mention d´Honneur.

The guarantor of this festival series is the Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs (FICTS) joining 130 countries under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee.

The jury awards prizes in particular categories and a Grand Prize of the festival.
Olympic Ideas
Sports personalities
Feature films and TV series
Methodical and popular science films

27th Sportfilm Liberec International FICTS Festival 2024


Article 1
SPORTFILM LIBEREC INTERNATIONAL FICTS FESTIVAL 2024 is an international competition festival of television and theatrical films focusing on topics such as sport, Olympic ideas and the Olympic Games. The aim of the festival is to award films in particular categories and the best film of all categories. The festival is intended to develop Olympic ideas through sports films, documentaries and reports.

Article 2
The festival programme consists of a screening of competition and non-competition television and theatrical films and accompanying programmes.

Article 3
It is necessary for the competition films to have premiered after January 1, 2019.

Article 4
The Festival Jury consists of 7 or 9 members. It is headed by the Jury President. Each member has one vote. In case of the same proportion of votes, the Jury President is the one whose vote decides. The results of the vote are not public.

The Festival Juries are appointed by the Festival President on the Organizing Committee's recommendation

Article 5
The festival is headed by the Festival President.

Article 6
SPORTFILM LIBEREC INTERNATIONAL FICTS FESTIVAL 2024 takes place in Liberec from 3 October to 6 October, 2024. Its aim is to present submitted films. During the festival, the Organizing Committee makes decisions about other non-commercial screenings of submitted films and films from the festival archive on Czech Television, the Internet, in schools, public spaces or other places, also in the following two years.

Article 7
The promoter of SPORTFILM LIBEREC INTERNATIONAL FICTS FESTIVAL 2024 is SPORTFILM Liberec z.s in cooperation with Victoria Production s.r.o.
The expert guarantors of this festival are the Czech Olympic Committee, Czech Union of Sport, Czech Film and Television Union (FITES) and Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs – Milan, Italy.

Article 8
Competition films of particular categories can be submitted by their producers, filmmakers, owners, authors or legal persons between 1 May and 1 August, 2024, via web page where you can find detailed terms.

Films competing in the European categories must be produced in Europe.

The submitter agrees with the public screening of submitted films during the festival and the following years in accordance with Article 6. The statutes and the composition of the jury can be found at

Article 9
Competition categories:
1. Olympic ideas
2. Documentaries
3. Sports personalities
4. Feature films and series
5. Methodology, education

Article 10
The Jury awards prizes in particular categories and a grand prize of the festival.
The Festival Director is entitled to award the Festival Director's Prize.
The Juries reserve the right to change the classification of a film in competition to a different category than it was entered.
The Juries reserve the right not to award a prize in a particular category.
On the Special Committee's recommendation, the Festival Director awards Věra Čáslavská prize, The Beam of Courage and Hope.
The trophies and awards are accepted by the filmmakers in person or on their behalf.

Mgr. Renata Balašová
Festival Director

PhDr. Jakub Bažant
FICTS CZ President

Liberec, 16 March, 2024

Overall Rating
  • It was great to attend the Sportfilm Festival in Liberec. Great organisation. Nice atmosphere. Very glad to win the “Grand Prix” with our documentary “Rebound”. Only negative point: don’t screen films as a main event who are not subtitled in English.

    October 2023
  • Arun Bhagath K

    No communication and information about screening of the selected films.

    December 2022
  • I really enjoyed the experience!! Looking forward to coming back for 2023

    December 2022

    اتمنى حضور المخرجين مع افلامهم لاثراء المناقشات مع الجمهور ، و مشاهدة افلام اخرى ، نتمنى لكم كل التوفيق ، تحياتي ومودتي

    November 2022
  • Happy to be part of the festival

    October 2021