Split Script is screenwriting workshop with Razvan Radulescu, one of the most productive European scriptwriters and script mentors. He is the representative of the so-called post-revolution film in Romania and part of the most successful generation of Romanian filmmakers, whose films marked the international film scene over the past decades.

Split Script workshop takes place in the old garden of Gripe Fortress in Split and at the Academy of Arts nearby.

Split Script workshop call is open for short fiction and fiction feature.

At the end of the selection process, selected projects participate in the workshop.

Number of the projects depends on quality of projects that applied.
After the contest is finished, selected stories of some of the most talented screenwriters and directors from SE Europe goes through six days process developing structure of their features and shorts. Group and individual sessions are predicted on schedule day by day and all free time that participants have between the sessions is left for the preparing for the next meeting with the mentor.

Split Script is also opened for the beginners in storytelling and at least one of the selected stories (whether beginner or professional) is granted free participation for its author(s).

Our goal is to improve good stories and help our participants to do it by themselves by sharing it with each other, by discovering different perspectives and refreshing it with new experiences. The results are already visible - the selected stories are already produced and financed (Croatian Audiovisual Center, Euroimages, production companies...).

There are two categories:

This category imply amateurs trying out in script writing, students, writers that has not been granted finances for scripts, project development or production. This is a category
doesn't include producers. Beginner(s) can apply his/her own project or a project which is developing in cooperation with someone. Beginner can apply short or feature project weather it's in initial phase of development, or just an idea or you just need a final touch for the dialogues.

An Individual or artist with one or more prior published projects (festivals, TV, theaters), Professionals can have a producer, received finances for their scripts,
project development or production. They also can apply a project that is just in initial phase of development or the one that needs additional work with dialogues.

What's necessary:

For Short scripts
submission + synopsis + treatment or script (first draft)

For Features script
submission + synopsis + treatment (up to 15 pages) + first draft (or any, if there's any finished)

The working language of workshop is English. A good knowledge of English is essential in order to participate and all written material of the project, must be translated in English.

Due to the COVID restrictions and possible limiting the travel routs, organizer will plan adequate event changes.

Best script(s) will be invited for workshop with Razvan Radulescu.

Up to 2 of the selected projects (feature or short) will be covered accomodation and participation on workshop (free of charge). The participants should cover travel expenses. Sessions for the participant who isn't able to to come due to COVID traveling restrictions, will be held online.

After the selection, authors of selected projects may send first draft (in english). All selected projects should include Split Script logos in the credits of the produced films/projects that may result from Split Script experience and expertise.

What's necessary:
- documents should be in English and in standard format in DIN A4 with numbered scenes and pages
- CC-BY logo and name of the author on pages of the document in the header/footer
- cover letter

Feedbacks or reviews for submitted scripts are NOT included.

Due to the epidemic of COVID-19 and any possible mutation of it, we draw attention to the fact that Split Script may have to postpone it to another date for responding to the recommendations of health and government organizations. In such a case, Split Script will notify the participants of its decision as soon as it's possible. In case of cancellation of residential workshop or longer uncertainty, all sessions will be held online.