Founded in 2011, Southside Film Festival is a film festival without a cinema. We screen films in unique and unusual venues throughout the Southside of Glasgow - wherever we can put up a screen, we will!

The festival shows a diverse array of films, including fiction, animation, documentary and artists' moving image. With our Southside Filmmaker Award, we celebrate films and filmmakers from the Southside of Glasgow.

We are looking for new work to be entered into our Southside Filmmaker Award. The Southside Filmmaker Award celebrates the Southside's best short films, with selected entries being screened as part of an award ceremony at the end of the festival, and a winner being voted for by the audience.

The award is open to:
- filmmakers based in the Southside of Glasgow
- films about the Southside of Glasgow
- films shot in the Southside of Glasgow

Please note, you cannot submit if you do not meet any of these criteria. You should include a short blurb explaining how the film meets the submission criteria.

We welcome short films of any genre. Submission is free!