This festival was founded by many independent filmmakers from all over the world in an effort to make independent film more prevalent in smaller towns and bring a more diverse range of content to the Southeastern, United States. We have partnered with some of the top creative professionals from all over the world to bring an integrated festival, which includes film, music, and workshops. Our annual festival is headquarted in Nashville, Tennessee and we host satellite festivals all year around the Southeastern United States.

Our mission is to make independent film more prevalent, in not just the larger cities, but help promote connections between filmmaking professionals, audiences, and entertainment professionals in rural areas.

We are proud to welcome to our 2019 judges to date: Aqua Caitlin (Costume Designer), Alice Felton (Production Design), Diane Devore (Writer), Craig McMahon (Production Designer/Producer TWC), Dana Frank (Photography), Paul Kostabi (Artist/Musician), Nikki Palomino (Radio Personality), Leonardo Santaiti (Actor/Director), Elizabeth Kiehner (Film Production/Thornberg and Forester), Kat Slatery (Actor), Clay Kraski (Actor), Kenyon Phillips (Actor/Musician), Orlando Vargas (Actor/Kill The Messenger), Clark Seydel (Film Collective), Manabu Inada (Motion Design), Andrea Facini (New Media), Jeremy Harrison (Actor), Holly Stephey (Radio Personality/Philanthropist), Maria Ragusa Burfield (Photography), Lawayne Bontrager (Director), Dewayne Bontrager (Director), Joseph Semense (Producer), Azmyth Kaminski (Actor/Musician), Daniel Collins (Actor/Musician), Deisha Oliver-Millar (Public Relations), Sandy Fox (Filmmaker/Producer), Lex Lang (Actor/Filmmaker).

Submit your resume to or message us on facebook/southeasternfilm to be considered for our Junior Board members or with general questions.

We offer a 5 day waiver for all film professionals from January 1st to January 5th annually, so anyone from around the world can enter the festival. We do not offer waivers to individual projects on a case by case basis, since we offer a waiver period, but your work will screen in our festival, if it is a selection. If you would like to enter the festival, please click the link below.

We wish you the very best for your projects and career, we would look forward to reviewing your work, as we are a festival focused on giving independent distribution to filmmakers in the Southeastern United States. Our fees our nominal to try to help filmmakers, we work hard to raise sponsorship money, so we don't extend the cost of the festival to film entrants.

Officially Selected artists will receive All Films Pass + Red Carpet & Awards Ceremony Invitation for two guests, guarantee a spot for live screening, Q&A spot.
Winners and Honorable Mentioned gets all mentioned above + Award

In addition to networking with like minded individuals, the cash and prizes, the following awards will be given to top films: Best Film, Best Direction, Best Writing, Best Music Video, Best New Media, Best Animation, Best Student Film, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Acting Ensemble, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Original Music Score, Best Sound Design, Best Animation, Best Visual FX, Best Special FX, Best Costume Design, and Best Make-Up.

PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR PASSWORD FOR ANY ONLINE FILMS SUBMITTED or we cannot view your film for consideration. If we contact you and you do not fix the issue, your film will not be accepted because it is an incomplete entry. It is also important in the same respect for us to download your film to screen, please make sure to keep your entry up to date.

Only one entry per person/project in each category will be considered for final acceptance.

Do not send film prints, master tapes, or other originals to our offices. Any material submitted will not be returned.

Please make sure to enter your project in the category that it belongs. Submit a request for a category change after entry, if you have made an error. We cannot guarantee that your film will be reviewed twice, so please be careful to submit to the correct category.

Entrant confirms and warrants required legal authority to submit the entry into the Festival and to use all music, images, and content in the entry.   No material under copyright protection that is not owned or licensed by the applicant will be considered without proper documentation.

Entrant will allow usage of clips from the film for promotional use on television, radio, in print, and at live Festival events.

All entries must be either in English or subtitled in English. Non-English entries submitted without subtitles are not eligible.

Works in Progress: While entrants are permitted to submit films that are not fully complete (i.e., without final color correction and sound mixing), please note that the programming committee will only consider the version submitted; subsequent cuts or replacement copies will only be accepted at the request of the programming committee.

Only complete entries (including entry form, payment, and preview link or DVD screener) will be processed.

If your film is a selection in the student category, you must be able to include proof of student status at the time of production (i.e., copy of student ID, transcript, etc.). 

The cost of shipping an entry to the Festival must be paid by the entrant. Collect or COD shipments will not be accepted. All international entries must be sent "free domicile" to the Festival office with all transportation charges, duties, and taxes prepaid by the shipper.

Overall Rating
  • A frivolous festival! My film was selected, but that doesn't mean anything. Another fundraising film festival.

    May 2021
  • Andrew Palmer

    Everyone at Synapz Productions would like to express their gratitude for your selection of Endless Road!

    February 2021
  • This festival never happened either virtually or in person. They took everyone's submission fees and vanished. No website anymore. No communications. It appears some people got Semi-Finalist awards for one reason or another but strange when the festival didn't even happen. Very disappointing from a festival in my hometown.

    February 2021
  • Was selected as a semifinalist, but have heard nothing in months about the festival. Did it already take place? Communication is lacking a bit.

    January 2021
  • Alexandre de Villeneuve

    Thank you for all ! Even if we could not attend your festival this year due to current events it is an amazing festival for music lovers ;) You rock

    January 2021