The Southeast Asia Center (SEAC) at the University of Washington in Seattle promotes and sustains the study of Southeast Asia and encourages understanding of Southeast Asia in the Pacific Northwest and the nation. We pursue this mission by offering degree programs, language study, and undergraduate and graduate-level coursework in various disciplines that focus on Southeast Asia. The Southeast Asia Center’s interdisciplinary academic programs include an MA in Southeast Asian Studies and a BA in Asia Studies with a Southeast Asia Concentration. The Center also supports PhD and professional degrees involving area concentrations and research in Southeast Asia.

The Southeast Asia x Seattle Film & Literature Festival is part of our mission to actively organize Southeast Asia-related programs. We aim to feature films and literary works that explore Southeast Asia and its diasporas in their diversity, emphasizing underrepresented communities and youth-produced visions of the past, present, and future.

This year, we are keeping the film festival largely online.

We regret that we cannot offer monetary awards nor funding for travel to the Festival, but we can provide Official Film Selection Laurels, Official Category Awards Laurels, and Audience Award Laurels

This year, films will be screened exclusively online.

Filmmakers of all skill levels are encouraged to submit. The Southeast Asia x Seattle Film Festival (“SEAxSEA”) will consider for inclusion in the Festival all eligible films that have been submitted by the deadline and that are about the Southeast Asian experience.

We are only accepting short films 1-35 minutes long. Narrative, documentary, and experimental films are welcome and there is no limitation on the number of different film submissions you may make.

All selection decisions are at the sole and absolute discretion of SEAxSEA, and are final and non-reviewable. SEAxSEA is not required to provide any feedback, comments or reasons, or any other information, regarding the selection or non-selection of any submitted Film or the process by which Films are or have been selected.

SEAxSEA may contact filmmakers, whether or not their submissions have been chosen for screening in the festival, about archiving their film in the Southeast Asia Collection of the University of Washington Libraries. Archiving involves long-term storage with limited offline, on-site access. There might also be a possibility for in-class/teaching use for educational, non-commercial purposes only. Filmmakers would be compensated if they agree to archive their film, or enter any other type of intellectual property rights licensing agreement, with the University of Washington Libraries.

SEAxSEA will notify all applicants who have been selected to participate in the Festival. SEAxSEA will contact applicants using the contact information provided in the FilmFreeway registration form. It is the applicant's responsibility to provide correct and functional contact information. SEAxSEA is not responsible for any failed attempts to contact applicants using the contact information provided.

If your Film is selected for inclusion in the Festival, you (the Submitting Party) will receive further instructions from SEAxSEA and will be required to sign an Exhibition Agreement warranting that you have the full right, power and authority to submit the film to SEAxSEA for public online screening, to grant all of the rights enumerated in the FilmFreeway registration form, that there is no obligation which would in any way impair, restrict or impede exhibition of the film at the Festival, and that the film complies with all laws regarding copyright, intellectual property rights, trademark, or similar protections, and all laws regarding personal privacy, slander, defamation, or any other privacy right. The Exhibition Agreement may contain additional terms. Please note that by submitting your film, being accepted, and assenting to the terms within the Exhibition Agreement, you are confirming that SEAxSEA can screen your film, regardless of another festival’s acceptance.

Overall Rating
  • imam syafi'i

    Amazing this event. I am hope festival good job next year

    June 2022
  • Myat Noe

    This festival truly cares about its contents. But should work more on more interactive aspects like Q&A with filmmakers, etc. This year, for example, is all digital. They should give the choice of geo-blocking the contents. (for example, West Coast US and South East Asia only) Also since it's all digital, they sure could have done pre-recorded Q and As or, at least, offer the filmmakers a chance to address the audience, etc.

    May 2022
  • N.F. Amir M.

    Nice online format and informative.

    July 2021
  • This is a unique and important film festival that brings the Southeast Asian diaspora together to educate the many. I'm excited for the upcoming film festival. Congratulations on the film's success!

    July 2021
  • Wesley Leon Aroozoo

    Fantastic! Thank you for the support :)

    June 2021