The Soundscreen is a FILM Festival dedicated to all films that have MUSIC as protagonist.

Music, in Cinema, is not just a soundtrack: it can also be the main theme of the story: from fictions to biopics, from documentaries to musicals. The Festival aims to explore the new talents of cinema who consider Music as a fundamental element of Cinema.
Showing the new forms and alternative genres, a fine cinema born in a fresh biodiversity made of brilliant ideas, great visions and powerful emotions.

INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION for FEATURE FILMS: Main event of the Festival, it will screen the best international films for artistic research, Italian premieres of all genres, related to Music: fictions, documentaries, musicals and biopics.
INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION for SHORTS: short films of all genres, related to Music
SPECIAL EVENTS. Works by celebrated film-makers and by the protagonists of the musical scene, in national premiere.
SATELLITE EVENT: live film-concerts of classic films performed by the best contemporary music groups.

- Best Feature Film
- Best Director
- Grand Jury Prize for Outstanding Musical Contribution
All decisions by the Jury are final.

- Best Short-Film Audience Award: € 300.
(The winner will have to provide the festival with an invoice for the prize)

Features and shorts related to Music in its broadest meaning, from any country, completed after 1st January 2023 and that have Music as protagonist in its broadest meaning, belonging to all genres (features, documentaries, musicals, biopics, animations, sci-fi, horror etc.).

Deadline 20 August 2024: provide us with an online screening of the film, together with all suitable information, and a contact.
Selected Features films will receive a screening fee, to be agreed with the Festival direction.

Feature films should be at least 70 minutes long.
Short films should be no longer than 20 minutes.
Music Videos are not accepted.

These criteria are by no means mandatory, and exceptions can be considered, under the unique and final judgement of the Festival Direction.

Overall Rating
  • Thank you very much for choosing my film 'Let's Talk' for screening at the festival :)

    November 2023
  • Thank you very much for selecting NATURE ATTACK to be shown in this beautiful city.

    November 2023
  • Deniz Yuksel

    I am very happy to join the festival with my film and in person. It is a very rich in content and high quality festival. I had one day but seen great musical performance together with modern silent movie screening which was very different and nice experience for me. And Ravenna is beautiful city. I am so happy to see there. I thank all the festival organizers, director Alberto Bucci and the juri to give the chance to be there and to share my movie with the audience there.

    October 2022
  • Adél Palotás

    Unfortunately, I couldn't attend at the festival personally, but I could follow the programme online on their Instagram and I even got a picture when my film was on screen. The festival itself seemed like a wonderful experience too. Definietly recommend to give it a try!
    Thank you for selecting our short animation "LIGHTS"! :)

    October 2022
  • Francesco Emmola

    Soundscreen Film Festival is a young reality with a great focus on quality. Interested in investigating the relationship between cinema and music, it proposes a program of the highest depth and refinement, with particular attention on the research and experimentation works of the new talents of international cinema. I sincerely wish them the best for a bright future of new successes and thank them again for having given to my SASHIMI an opportunity within such an important setting! 🥸🙏🏻

    October 2021