Welcome to the Sound And Vision International Film & Technology Festival. We are a unique film festival showcasing short form, feature length and documentary films utilizing a high regard for art, design, sound, vision and technology. If you share a unique vision in science, art, music or technology then The Sound And Vision International Film & Technology Festival is right for you.

Each winner of the following categories will receive our coveted GOLD S.A.A.V.Y (Sound, Art, And Visionary of the Year) AWARD. There will be 2 other nominations per category which are SILVER S.A.A.V.Y (2nd place nomination) and BRONZE S.A.A.V.Y (3rd place nomination). The GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE S.A.A.V.Y AWARDS are rendered as a certificate and trophy. Other awards such as our VISION AWARD, STUDENT VISION AWARD & HONORABLE MENTION AWARD are rendered only as certificates (and not trophies) to the nominators. The awards can be picked up at our award ceremony or can be mailed to the filmmaker.


Best Short Film (Best short film)
Best Animated Short (Best animated short film)
Best Feature Film (Best feature film)
Best Animated Feature (Best animated feature film)
Best Music Video (Best music video of any type or genre)
Best Documentary (Best documentary)
Best Corporate Video (Best corporate video)
Best Promotional Video (Best promotional video)
Best Screenplay (Best screenplay)

1. The Selection Process
Selections for the Sound and Vision International Film & Technology Festival are made by an official selection committee. Selected films are then judged based on artistic merit and originality. Your film need not include sex and violence!
The selection committee views each and every one of the films submitted. Various levels of selection are used to determine the final films to be screened for the preliminary judges. Unfortunately, due to the number of entries we receive, we cannot communicate with every filmmaker as to the status of their film. If your film is selected, we will contact you using the information provided on the official entry form.

2. Official Rules
Deadline - All submissions must be received no later than Midnight, August 22nd, 2020. Your entry fee must be included with your submission.
Format - Although the film may be shot in any manner you feel necessary, if you would like to mail in your submission, the submission must be on NTSC DVD, Region 1 DVD, All Region DVD, or a Quicktime .MOV File on a DATA DVD or DATA CD. You may submit more than one film. Please use separate DVDs and entry forms for each title. For screenplays please submit a stapled paper copy or a digital file as a Data CD or DVD in either Word or PDF formats.
Film Information - Please feel free to include any kind of publicity material or information regarding the film along with your submission.

Notification - If you are selected, you will be contacted, either by phone or e-mail.

You can submit via FilmFreeway.com or print out the entry form and send it along with your submission fee and entry to:

1562 1st Ave, #321
NYC, NY 10028

All entries and material sent will not be returned. The entry form also doubles as a release form, giving The Sound and Vision International Film & Technology Festival the right to use your film in anyway necessary in conjunction with the festival. Submission by you of a film constitutes your understanding and agreement to these official rules.



Overall Rating
  • Clare Chun

    I remember making this short film about love and cryptocurrency "Currency of Love" and even people back where I live in Seattle, didn't understand if it would be a "success." Sound and Vision was one of the first film festivals to accept it and all the other festivals followed suit. I can't tell you how encouraging it was to go to my Skeletal Cast and Crew (who stuck with me) with a micro budget, to share the news Sound and Vision Int'l Film Festival from NYC was screening our film. It felt wonderful to be interviewed by Festival Director Dwayne Buckle and also get a certificate&trophy from him along with networking with other filmmakers, production designers and musicians there. In the Big Apple too :D

    April 2020
  • I recommend The Sound and Vision International Film and Technology Festival organized by director Dwayne Buckle. My team was honored to receive an award in 2019 for the short film / music video I wrote and directed: "Midnight Mind." This is a very intimate event that takes place in Manhattan (as of 2019) and has a curated selection of outstanding and original films. We enjoyed getting to know the other creators in attendance, and we still keep in touch. Mr. Buckle keeps costs low for the festival in order to allow for the most feasible submission fees, a testament to his care for the filmmakers. While the parchment certificate and small trophy are nice, the great gift of participating in this unique event can be found in the truly remarkable write-ups that the festival provides! The review we received was BEAUTIFULLY written; and if you receive one, I believe you will treasure it (and cherish adding it to your press kit). Thank you, Dwayne~

    December 2019
  • John Reed

    The team at Sound and Vision International were a joy to work with and the event was so special -- so glad to be a part of it.

    October 2019
  • Enni Red

    Thank you for selecting our film "Without" and giving it a Bronze Award. It was our world premiere and the first award so we were quite excited. Unfortunately noone from our team could attend the festival.

    I would recommend you to have a separate person to answer questions next year. I had a lot of questions (I still have, regarding award shipping) but neither my emails, nor my Facebook messages were answered in time. That was a bit of a negative impression although we were in general really happy and inspired by this award.

    September 2019
  • Charles Drouot

    No communication whatsoever. I couldn't attend the festival, but clearly don't know what it was about, if it was nice, how it looked, etc.

    September 2019