Solaris Film Festival is an international film festival with live screening in Nice, Southern France.

The SOLARIS FILM FESTIVAL was founded to bring the most original filmmakers together with diverse audiences for its annual program of feature and short films, experimental films, and student work. All genres are welcome.

The Festival’s name is an homage to the Andrei Tarkovsky iconic film Solaris. The film by Tarkovsky is not only a science fiction film but also a philosophical and poetical narrative.

We are looking for the most profound and original films and prefer to see films made primarily for aesthetic and philosophical reasons rather than political purposes or commercial profit.

Also Solaris refers to the sunshine of the Southern France where the festival takes place.

May in Nice is a magnificent time. Also it is a very convenient time for filmmakers and cinema lovers who come to the Cannes Film Festival. Right after the closing party they can go to Nice and the magic of film celebration will continue!

The Festival is dedicated to the discovery of the independent international artists and also welcome established filmmakers. We do not require Premiere status, you can submit any film competed after the end of the year 2015.

Feature Film
Golden Victory Statue and certificate is awarded to the Best Feature Film

Short Film
Golden Victory Statue and certificate is awarded to the Best Short Film
Best Documentary - Golden Victory Statue and certificate.

Animated Film
Golden Victory Statue and certificate is awarded to the Best Animated Film

Music Video
Best Music Video - Golden Victory Statue and certificate

Andrei Tarkovsky Award
Golden Victory Statue and certificate is awarded to the film which continues the traditions of Andrei Tarkovsky

There will also be the following awards for:

Best Actor (Male) - certificate.
Best Actor (Female) – certificate.
Best Director – certificate.
Best Screenplay – certificate.
Best Cinematography – certificate.
Best Original Music Score – certificate.

We encourage the submission of international film or video entries, but all entries must be in English or have English dubbing or subtitles.
All entries must be available for screening during the festival. We welcome Feature Films and Short Films.
You may submit as many entries as you like. Each entry requires its own entry fee. Fees are not refundable.
We accept online submissions.
Please submit films using Filmfreeway.
All films should have been completed within 2015-2019
All awards are based on the overall merit of the entry. Decisions by the judges are final.
Finalists will be notified a month before if their entry will be screened at the Solaris Film Festival and considered with the other finalists for the top awards.
Festival does not deal with any copyright issues. All copyright issues should be resolved by the film authors.
Filmmakers and screenwriters retain 100% all of the rights to their projects and materials that they submit to the Solaris Film Festival.
You agree to indemnify and hold harmless us, our officers, affiliates, employees, and partners from any and all claims and liability arising out of entering or transmitting your film to the Solaris Film Festival.
Filmmakers are not paid for screening at the Festival and Solaris Film Festival does not provide submission fee waivers.
At least one representative of the team should be present at the award ceremony.

Overall Rating
  • Daniele De Muro

    Honoured to have my music video "A House by the sea" at this beautiful Festival. I hope to submit a new project next year.

    June 2019
  • Robert Flanagan

    I am very happy and grateful to have had my feature film PINK HILL show in this fest. Thank you. But the communication with the fest was very difficult. Almost non-existent. My emails were not answered, or only with one or two words. That was disappointing. But still happy to participate. I wish them luck in the future.

    June 2019
  • Patrick Jeanneret

    Great Festival with a great name honouring the cinema. I highly recommend it to orignal indie film makers.

    June 2019
  • Great overall festival! Thanks for the selection.

    June 2019
  • Xavier Ameller

    A unique festival with great movie makers and singular movies. It was a chance for me to show my movie there and I liked to talk with other passionate directors.

    June 2019