The Soho Horror Film Festival is one of the UK's newest and most punk rock genre film festivals; bringing a whole new slate of terror to the UK in an intimate and unique setting. Forever championing the accessibility of horror for all and waving the progress Pride flag that #HorrorIsQueer.

Soho Horror Fest is built on the principle of three I's:
Independent; Striving to provide films a chance at playing the big screen, that may not otherwise get to.
Intimate: Presenting films in an environment that is welcoming to all, always maintaining our horror-family community.
Inclusive: Always being both a platform for marginalised filmmakers and voices - be it from race, gender, sexuality; and also being a festival that is a safe space to everyone. We are the weirdos, mister.

We run a 3 day physical festival in the heart of London every November. But in the advent of the COVID-19 Pandemic and subsequent lockdowns became the first UK festival in May 2020 to host online and have since ran 5 virtual festivals - entirely on a free / donate-what-you-can-basis - providing essential entertainment and escapism for our incredible audience. 2021 saw us returning, playing a 12 week long festival to support people during the February lockdown and played host to the world's largest LGBTQ+ Horror festival.

Join us and experience an eclectic mix of horror, suspense, LGBTQ+, thriller, dark fantasy, sci-fi and the most pitch black of comedy, dilligently harvested from all corners of the globe with many of the films showing for the first time in the UK. Soho Horror Film Festival prides itself on showing the breadth and depth of the genre; films that challenge, entertain, drop your jaw, strain your smile and redefine your boundaries.


The Soho Horror Fest presents both a Jury & Audience award for best feature best short films.

Online screeners are the preferred method of submission, being less wasteful, more environmentally sound and cheaper.

We count film running times as follows:
Short Films: 1 min - 18mins
Mid Length: 18mins - 60mins
Feature Films: 60 mins - 140 mins

Please note that by submitting a film you confirm that: You are authorised to submit the film to the festival, including all permissions from any distributor and/or sales agent associated with the film and that all necessary clearances (including music) have been made.

Overall Rating
  • Lorna Kidjo

    The festival reached out to me to submit my short film and once it got accepted, communication was great and the people were super nice. I was part of the virtual film festival, and even though I wasn't able to do much in terms of participation and networking, I would definitely submit my next genre film to the Soho Horror Film Festival in the hopes of being part of the in-person screenings, fly to the UK and meet everyone!

    May 2022
  • Their passion for the genre and determination to create a mighty haunted home for aspiring film makers and their twisted stories is obvious as soon as communication commences with the Soho Horror team.
    My film has found success at many a festival SHFF made me feel more at home and my film appreciated than any other festival.
    My only regret is not being able to attend this awesome party of a festival as the team really knew how to put on a show more thrilling then dressing up your dead gran and making her dance around the room like a muppet.

    May 2022
  • Mike Schiff

    From the very start, the staff were extremely friendly and courteous. I would definitely participate in there festival again.

    April 2022
  • such a wonderful festival with great communication!

    December 2021
  • Dan Repp

    We were so happy to have the Soho Horror Film Festival host our London Premiere. Their team is dedicated to providing a great experience for both the filmmaker and attendee.

    December 2021