SOFIA BITING DOCS presents a selection of documentary films, going into topics such as human rights, environmental problems, discrimination, disrespect for diversities, integration of minority groups - on the face of it, seemingly overexploited, but actually topical, controversial issues of key importance for the society, raising discussions and arguments. The festival focuses on all kind of curious people and spiels, shot in documentary cinema. It is fixed on stories, aiming to inform, meant to provoke, putting forward questions, intended to be debated.

The audience applause is the most precious award we can offer!

Eligible for entry are documentary films released not earlier than January 1st 2022. English subtitles are obligatory.

Overall Rating
  • A fantastic film festival in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria. Great attendance, well-organized events, and responsive festival hosts. This festival selects very interesting movies. Highly recommend being part of Sofia Biting Docs.

    October 2022
  • Jim Kroft

    Thank you so much for the support all at Sofia Biting Docs, really humbled to be a part with "The White Arrow", Jim

    October 2019