Snowtown Film Festival, a celebration of winter through film, is held annually in historic downtown Watertown, NY. Now entering our eighth year, STFF has grown from a humble film-lover’s weekend to a community-wide celebration of filmmaking. The festival features films from throughout the world that emphasize winter and the "spirit" of the greater Northern New York region. Feature length official selections, a juried short film competition, filmmaker panel discussions and an awards ceremony have marked the schedule, culminating in a unique, culturally-enriching event in the depth of lake effect snow season. 

Snowtown Film Festival provides laurels to all short film finalists and official selections screened at the festival. All short film finalists are in consideration for the festival’s GRAND PRIZE AWARD which is presented in an award ceremony at the conclusion of the festival. In addition to the GRAND PRIZE, STFF bestows a number of other awards on select films at the ceremony such as OUTSTANDING COMEDY SHORT, OUTSTANDING ANIMATED SHORT, NORTH COUNTRY FILMMAKER’S AWARD, WINTER THROUGH FILM AWARD and others.

1. Submit online via
2. All shorts must be under 30 minutes
3. You must provide contact information in the form of a valid email address and working telephone number.
4. You must own the public performance rights to all aspects the film submitted.
5. There is no fee if your film is submitted prior to our "Early Bird" deadline.
6. After the "Early Bird" deadline, but before final deadline, there will be a fee to submit a short film.
7. Rough/Fine Cuts: the festival will only accept one cut of each film for programming
consideration. If needed, the festival will request an updated version and will contact
those applicants directly. Please submit your film in the most complete and finished form possible.
8. Films must be in English or dubbed or subtitled in English (with narrow exceptions).
9. Time of Completion: Your film must have been completed within three (3) years of the year of the festival. For example, for the 2022 festival, your film should have been completed no earlier than 2019.
10. Entering the competition constitutes the permission of the author(s) for Snowtown Film Festival to use finalists' names, titles of the work, images and clips for publicity and promotions without any compensation. The festival will notify the finalist if pre-festival broadcast promotion is. anticipated.

1. Submit your screenplay online via
2. Screenplay must be no longer than twenty pages, including title page, credits, notices, etc. and have a connection to the North Country: author, setting or potential filming location.
3. Screenplay must be in English.
4. Entrants must provide contact information in the form of a valid email address and working telephone number. Multiple authors for the same script are acceptable.
5. Entrant(s) must hold the right to perform, reproduce, display and distribute their work to enter the competition. The work must not have been previously optioned, sold or produced.
6. Festival Entry Fee: $15 entry fee ($10 for college students; no fee for Northern New York Middle and High School students). Partial waiver codes may be provided upon request.
7. Deadline for all entries will be announced.
8. Entering the competition constitutes the permission of the author(s) for Snowtown Film Festival to use finalists' names and titles of the work for publicity and promotions without any compensation.

Overall Rating
  • We're so glad to find this home state festival! This was a great opportunity for us to have our short film broadcast along with an interview the organizers kindly arranged. We think the flannel red carpet is the best thing going and we hope to attend in person next time! Thank you so much for our first official selection!

    May 2023
  • Timo Vasara

    A great experience. Even though I was not there in person, communication was fast and felt personal. I hope I'm able to be a part of this festival in the future as well.

    March 2023
  • Jesús Soria

    Looking forward to live the festival in-live in the future.
    Nice people, nice communication!

    February 2023
  • Just wonderful!

    I submitted my short film The Birthday Hunt for the 2021 year and was selected and earned the North Country Filmmaker Award. I even got to take part in an interview and everyone that worked at the festival, my fellow filmmakers and the audience were just so nice! I was so glad as I've been having some difficulties at the time and I was so relieved and happy that everyone was great.

    I was so happy my hard work was recognized and that they made me feel so welcome and appreciated. I would absolutely submit my future films here again, and if anyone in the north country wants to submit their films to this festival, they absolutely should!:)

    October 2022
  • Selected Films

    "Receiving an award at this festival was a great surprise because it was the first international selection of many others that came later. I think this demonstrates his sensitivity and courage to choose original and risky works. We could not attend the festival, but communication was very cordial and fluid from the beginning. We would love to attend the festival in the future, and recommend participating in it."

    March 2022