The biggest Film Festival in Snohomish County, Snohomish Film Festival is an exciting event and awards ceremony dedicated to celebrating the independent film community.

Every film submitted will get free written feedback from multiple industry insiders, automatic entry into our film database and a chance to win one of our 18 awards!

This will be an in-person film festival with 30 films screened, a script reading room, Filmmaker Q&A tables & live awards ceremony.

Awards & Trophies given out for the following categories:

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Sound
Best Music Score
Best Editing
Best Cinematics (Stunts/Special Effects/Artistic Appeal)
Best Supporting Performance
Best Performance by a Child
Best Comedy
Best Documentary
Best Drama
Best Horror
Best Music Video
Best Sci-Fi
Best Trailer

* Anyone is allowed to submit.
* All film genre's accepted.
* Shorts only
* Award winners must be present to win.
* Guaranteed written feedback on your project!

Overall Rating
  • We had a great time! Strongly recommend submitting your short film projects here. Thank you Rick Medved and Fest. crew for putting on a great show and our film Manly Men of the Mountains came home with a win for Best Comedy!

    September 2022
  • Great local film festival with a personal touch. I was happy my team won best editing for my short film, Color of the Sky.

    It was nice that the festival also provided written feedback for all films submitted. Hope to be back again soon!

    September 2022
  • Rosie Grypma

    What a fantastic Festival! Wonderful organizers, great films. I will definitely be submitting to this festival again.

    September 2022
  • Rob Barnett

    What a fabulous Film Festival!!!! Not only was it screened in a great venue with marvelous people, but they actually took the time to review and critique each film in writing…. What a great way to show your work and learn valuable lessons at the same time! Thanks all, had a blast!🎉😀☀️🎁

    September 2022
  • I’m glad I submitted my film “Kurt” to the festival. It got a best horror nomination, which surprised me! I received multiple sources of feedback prior to the festival, which was nice. The venue was great. Everyone seemed very respectful and happy to be there. I would definitely submit again if I have a new project ready for the next year!

    September 2022