Is a brand new film festival more than a film festival that recognizes films captured both by mobile, camera and a drone.

Smartphone Film Series (SSF) Film Festival 2018 is the first film festival that will be incorporated with a global conference that comprises of the mobile,film and innovation industry all in one platform.

Our vision is to create a film platform which provides a level playing for film makers where talent, creativity and hard work counts more than budget and industry connections and introduce quality non- mainstream smart phone, drone and camera films to the big screens.

Smartphone Film series (SSF) Film Festival 2018  will be taking place in Kenya from the 5th- 9th November 2018. The participants of SFS film festival 2018 will not only participate in the festival but also be part of the smartphone film series global conference, this will give them an opportunity to connect with other global film makers, mobile companies,  film  and mobile gears manufactures, industry policy makers and investors.

SFS FILM FESTIVAL 2018 will include public screening of some of the unique submitted films, workshops,masterclasses and awarding the best filmmakers and films submitted.

Best producer Male/Female
Best Actor Male/Female
Best Short  Smartphone Film
Best Music Video Smartphone Film
Best Cinematography Smartphone Film
Best Animation Smartphone Film
Best under 25 Smartphone Film
Best Mobile Journalism
Best African Film
Best Kenyan Film
Best International Film
Best Drone Film


Film Footage: Must be shot on smartphone(s) and/or tablet(s). Animation and graphically produced films must be created on smartphones/tablets using its app(s). 
NOTE: DSLR, Handycam Camcorders, Point-and-Shoot Cameras, GoPro and other similar devices are not permitted. 
- Audio: External recording device(s) may be used if necessary. 
- Raw Footage Proof: Must submit 30-second raw footage (no photos, video only) actually used in the final cut of the film, uncut and unedited for the full duration of 30 seconds or longer to be accepted.
All editing software are accepted 

All film must be submitted in HD quality.

Only original music videos,images or any graphics may be submitted.Copyright Infringement (even  if by accident) will be disqualified.
The film must be an original production. It may not infringe on the copyright, trademark or other rights of any organisation.

Films recorded in a language other than English must provide English subtitles.

The Participant maintains at all times the rights to his/her film entry. However,By submitting your film to Smartphone Film Series Festival, he/she grants the SSF Film Festival Organizer the right to use the film for SSF Film Festival promotional marketing, broadcasting and screening during the SSF Conference 2018.

All films must be submitted through FilmFreeway
Submitting a film possible until 24th February 2018  via http://filmfreeway.com/SMARTPHONEFILMSERIESFESTIVAL2018

Title of Film, Name of Director, Duration, Country of Production, Name of Smartphone/Tablet must be printed clearly and consistently on all submitted materials (i.e. Submission Form & Raw Footage Proof).

Films will NOT be admitted if they promote violence or discrimination of any kind.
If a film is to degrade or attack any social group,gender,industry,race,ethnicity,nationality or religion it will NOT be considered.