Slumberjack Film festival returns for 2022!

Our first 3 years have been a great success, bringing the very best in independent film to our cinema loving audience. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to not host a festival in 2021 and instead, plan for 2022!

Slumberjack Film Festival was established with one goal. To help elevate independent filmmaking. It is our belief that the indie filmmaker is the heart of our industry and our aim is to give individuals and organisations a platform to showcase their work.

Indie filmmakers are the future and deserve to be celebrated!

We want people to see that you don’t need a big budget or the backing of a major production company to create wonderful cinema. All you need is an idea and the drive to see it through.

Slumberjack Film Festival is open to all genres of both shorts and Features. We also accept web series, music videos and trailers.

Best Feature
Best Short ( under 60 mins )
Best Super Short ( 5 mins and under )
Best Trailer
Best Web series
Best Music Video

Audience Awards
All of our awards are judged by the attending audience. Without an audience, none of us would be doing what we do which is why we give an audience award for each category submitted.

All films must be available to be screened in the United Kingdom and be free of licensing fees.

All films that are selected for the festival must be sent as an online transfer or posted to us in DVD format.

International films not in English MUST be subtitled or be dubbed in English.

There is no restrictions on when your film was made or if it is available online.

By submitting your film to our festival you agree that your piece of work can be advertised on our website and social media accounts. You must own all rights to submit your work to Slumberjack Film Festival and you are responsible for the content provided. Any violations of that agreement will result in immediate disqualification from the festival.

All officially selected films will be announced on our website and social media pages. All of those selected will be notified through FilmFreeway.

Judging decisions are final.

Submissions that are found to have violated any of the Eligibility Requirements listed above may be disqualified at any time by Slumberjack Film Festival.

If you have any questions, please email us before you submit. We will answer your queries as quickly as possible.

Overall Rating
  • It was an honour to be part of this great festival.
    My short horror film, The Rage was greatly received and even won best short film by an audience vote.
    Peter and Rod are fantastic hosts and great filmmakers themselves and you can see that they put a lot of love and passion into the Slumberjack film festival.
    There was plenty to do between the films, they had a licensed bar, a retro gaming room, merchandise stalls and book signings, as well as free popcorn and nibbles.
    And best of all, entry is completely FREE!
    I couldn’t recommend it enough!
    A fantastic festival and a pleasure to have been part of it.
    Massive thanks guys and I look forward to attending next year 👍

    March 2018
  • Lee Charlish

    Really good communication and a festival that will see future submissions from us. I'm sure Slumberjack will continue to grow. Great work. Sexy laurels too! Pig Dream by Korky Films was selected.

    April 2017
  • We couldn't attend but the communication was great and the selection looked great. Hopefully we'll be there for number 2.

    April 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Mark :)

  • Toby Wulff

    I am very happy and proud that my music video got selected. Unfortunatelly I couldnt be there. But what I can say from here, the Slumberjack Filmfestival is working in a serious way in the interest of the filmmakers. Official Selection means to be a part of the festival and getting screened. They are working in a serious way and always keeping submitters up to date via Facebook. I dont mind the size or category of an festival. As long the organizers do it with passion and respect for the film and the people behind it. There are so many "filmfestivals" on submission platforms like filmfreeway which are working only as money making machines. All these online-competitions where the filmmakers are so proud to be listed on a monthly competition. Paying for reviews and trophys. (Mostly!) no one else cares about (most of those) online competitions, except the filmmaker itself. Festivals like the Slumberjack Filmfestival are the reason why I still continue submitting via Filmfreeway. 5 Stars in all Categories! Thank you!

    April 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Toby :)

  • Oliver Theurich

    Thanky you.
    Our short film COURAGE (a film by Jean-Luc Julien) was Official Selections at Slumberjack Film Festival 2017.

    April 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Oliver :)