In the year 2023, Skate or Die Film Festival returns for our second year, presented once again by the joined forces of The Farsighted and Rockstar Roller Derby. Returning to the historic Ringing Rocks Roller Rink in Pottstown, the one-of-a-kind genre film festival will once again feature live music, films from all over the world, roller skating, vendors, food, and all of the fun that we had in year one. This year, we'll also have some new wrinkles, such as a few special guests and even a dance skate class.

Additionally, the event will expand from 2 days to 3, this time including a Sunday program, in addition to the Friday and Saturday programs.

Full details and schedule will be available later this year, with several announcements throughout the coming months, as we confirm the exciting events and surprises currently being planned for all of you, our friends in the greater Philadelphia area.

Awards and categories will be announced in Spring 2023, but will include awards in all 3 submission categories - local films, short films, and features.

There are 3 submission categories this year:

1. Local Films

Filmmakers within an approximate 90 mile radius of Pottstown PA are eligible to participate in our popular local film block. The most well attended and popular segment of the inaugural festival, the Local Film Showcase is a way to share the great talent of the greater Philly area and beyond. Features, shorts, music videos, and any type of film project is eligible for this category, so long as you're local.

Films submitted in this block may also be considered for the general short film and features categories during the jurying process, as well. However, we ask that all local films, regardless of length, be submitted as local films, as we want to offer our local filmmakers the best submission rate and consider supporting our local artists something that is at the very heart of the festival.

2. Short Films

Short films from all over the world (or even further, if you're somehow reading this from another world or dimensions) are accepted in this category. While traditional length short films ranging from 3 minutes to 30 minutes are what we're most looking for, we can accept anything under 45 minutes in length for the short film category. Anything 45 minutes in length or up will need to be submitted under the feature submission category. Music videos will certainly also be considered in this category.

Our short film selections will primarily be played as accompanying pieces to the features we select for the festival, however may also be selected as part of a short film block, dependent on the final schedule for the festival.

3. Feature Films

Just like the short film category above, features are welcome from anywhere and everywhere. Unique, fun, and quirky films that are crowdpleasers are what we're most looking for. We'll be programing several features, alongside our local block, a retro screening, and several other events.

Any films that are 45 minutes or longer must be submitted in the feature category, unless the film fits the local film criteria.


Keep in mind that this is genre festival, so standard drama isn't necessarily what we're looking for here. Horror, sci-fi, action, and all of the other types of films that typically fall into the widely cast "genre film" net are more our speed. Films with roller skating related plots and spooky season type submissions will get some priority in the programming decisions based on the festival being a Halloween season festival at a roller rink, but anything that feels like it would play well to a genre festival crowd is encouraged.

NO X-RATED MATERIAL is able to be screened at the festival at this time, but generally anything that would receive an R or MA rating is acceptable, likely most films that would receive an NC-17 rating would be, as well.

Any questions about your submissions or the festival in general can be sent through here or to You can also contact the festival director, Justin Harlan, at