New Enterprise Studios, headquartered in Sunderland, England are proud to announce the Sixth Dimension Music Competition – looking to uncover the greatest unknown artists from all over the world. NES hopes this will competition be an ongoing annual tradition to help and discover heretofore unrealized and unspotted talent from across the globe. Giving them a platform and a voice.

How much exciting new music has been created over the last two years that has not, and may never, be heard because of an inability to perform? How much have we been set back? Music videos have always been an exciting way to entice new listeners and generate sales for bands but are also a product that is often too expensive for independent artists to afford at a professional level.

This competition aims to bend space and time for the very purpose of awarding four winner’s music videos to highlight and expose the world to their talent.

The competition is opened to all ages, genres, solo artists/bands. This competition made its debut in 2021, with exciting prizes for two local talent/s (Local consisting of anyone primarily based in the United Kingdom or surrounding islands) and two international talent/s. It crowned worthy winners and now returns to find more.

For the local winner, New Enterprise Studios will personally help the artist create and record their own music video within its Sunderland premises. For the international winner, the artist will receive online coaching and discussion and New Enterprise Studios will commit to helping them compile, edit and produce a professional music video at a distance.

The video for the International concept has been predesigned and created by New Enterprise Studios, with this concept honed with the International Winner and made into reality. More on this will be revealed.

The runners up in each category will receive a lyric video, produced in collaboration with New Enterprise Studios, as a prize to help promote their winning entries.

All shortlisted candidates will receive a certification of merit, sent digitally, marking their successful shortlisting in the process.

All prizes allow the winning artists distribution rights to their created work, including the possibilities to upload to YouTube and enter in festivals – however they may choose. In addition to this prize, both artists will receive airplay for the tracks across multiple platforms including radio stations and podcasts.

All submitted songs, provided they are exclusively owned by the artists from whom they are provided, will also go onto the NES database for potential use in future film projects.

Any songs used in films will have a percentage paid directly to the composers.

Working with partners across the North East, the judging panel consists of Journalist Wayne Madden who has contributed to publications such as NE Volume and The Crack Magazine and is also one of the Company Directors of NES. Wayne has also worked for the BBC and is currently a presenter and producer with Nova Radio North East.

Wayne will be joined by fellow NES Director and Special Effects wizard and Filmmaker/Writer/Director/Producer Wayne Thompson who has close to 25 years’ experience and has worked alongside International Artists such as Little Caesar and the Tygers of Pan Tang. Mr Thompson has also acted in several productions and chiefly his passions in old school special effects efforts means his insight to the winning artists would prove invaluable.

The judging panel will also include 2021's UK Winners AXLS and Runner's Up Alex James Band, both artists having returned to help support the second year of the competition, to find more talent to help.

The panel will also include additional judges to be finalised and announced via

International Winner – A music video created by NES, using an original concept we have designed and incorporating the winning artists into the video via footage gathered through online meetings, discussion and collection. Value of Video £2,500.

National Winner – A music video created by NES, in our UK Studio, with the artists invited to work on the concept/direction and film in person together. Value of Video £5,000.

International and National Runner Up; The runner up in each category will each receive a "Lyric Video" for their track, created by NES and in full collaboration and cooperation with with the winning artists.

All shortlisted artists (shortlist numbers to be confirmed, but no more than 10 artists in which category) will receive a Certificate of Merit and individual feedback on their chosen track from at least one member of the judging panel.

Shortlisted Artists will also have their music played on Nova Radio North East 102.5FM as part of a celebratory show hosted by a member of the Judging Panel with the intention of seeking feedback from listeners as to their favourite songs. More details about this show and when it will be broadcast to be released in due course.

Participants may enter as many songs as they wish into the competition, however, each song must be an individual entry and will be judged as such.

The competition is opened to all ages, genres, solo artists/bands, in any length under 10 minutes per song – however the submitter must own the rights to the music they are submitting, otherwise the consent of content owners is required.

Opening Date is Friday May 27th 2022.

On Friday May 27th 2022 all entries are £10 or £7.50 for Gold Members.

From Sat May 28th 2022 until Friday July 29th 2022 inclusive all entries are £10.

From Sat July 30th 2022 until Friday September 16th 2022 inclusive all entries are £20.

From Sat Sep 17th 2022 until Friday October 21st 2022 inclusive all entries are £25.

From then until Wed Nov 30th 2022 inclusive all entries are £40.

Submissions close Wed 30th Nov 2022

Songs do not need to be professionally mixed or of studio quality. As long as the song can be heard clearly and is presented as it would be intended to be heard in it's final format, the track can be included.

Deliberation will take place until Tue December 20th 2022. All decisions are final.

Several judges will work together to give their individual feedback on all entries received. Tracks will then be shortlisted in each category and winners will be chosen.

Shortlisted Tracks will receive airplay on Nova Radio North East 102.5FM as part of a celebratory show hosted by a member of the Judging Panel. This show will be pre recorded when shortlisting has been finalised. Listeners will be asked to choose their favourite tracks and explain their decision during and for a select period after this show has aired. In consultation with station management, select shortlisted tracks may be uploaded to the station's database and added to rotation on Nova Radio North East for possible inclusion in other broadcasts. Rotation frequency cannot be guaranteed.

Travel, Transport and Accommodation is not included within the prize for any winners. National Winners will need to make their own arrangements for travelling to NES UK Studio which is based in Sunderland, England. Some subsidy may be provided on a case by case basis in discussion with the winner following the competition.

All songs submitted have the opportunity to be listed with New Enterprise Studios "song library" for possible future inclusion in Filmmaking projects. There is no additional charge for this service. If your song is considered for inclusion in a future project, you will be contacted at that time and asked for permission and the matter be discussed. If you do not wish to have your song included within this database, you are still free to enter the competition, without prejudice.

The finished music videos for all winners will be given to the artist to do with as they wish. The artist is granted full Creative Control to post, use and promote the video as they wish in this respect.

To keep up to date with the competition timeline, progress and for full details of the judging panel membership; please visit

For further information, please contact Wayne Madden at

Twitter: @nes_studios
Instagram: @newenterprisestudios.

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  • Great festival, great value, communication, hospitality etc., so supportive and helpful guys, it’s been such an awesome experience that we could’ve shared our music with you, and we are so honored our song from “Hyper Planet - Beyond The Laniakea” was selected as a semi-finalist in your festival.
    We highly recommend this festival.

    November 2021
  • Stefan Misik

    very satisfied in every respect

    October 2021
  • martin del carpio

    Great festival to be a part of!

    October 2021
  • Clive Jackson

    Great festival, great communication, thank you for Honourable Mention! 🎸🎥👍

    October 2021