2017 "Silent River Screenplay Competition" is now open.

Our mission is to discover, recognize and celebrate emerging screenwriters from all parts of the world, and promote great storytelling.

"Silent River Screenplay Competition" was started in 2013, as a part of the Silent River Film Festival. This contest is now an independent program run by the "Silent River Film and Literary Society", a non-profit, film art and literary organization, founded by the Silent River Film Festival.

The "Silent River Screenplay Competition" invites Feature Length and Short Length narrative screenplays to compete for "River Scroll Award" and "River Scribble Award" that includes in-kind prizes value $500, a Certificate and a Trophy.

2016 Prize Sponsor - Final Draft.

The River Scroll Award is presented to the Best Feature Screenplay in competition.

The River Scribble Award is presented to the Best Short Screenplay in competition.

Past winners of both the Awards in Competition had found success in becoming independent film productions.


1. Screenplay must be written in English. If your screenplay is written in any other language but English, please provide the accurate subtitles below the dialogues and descriptions.

2. We do not accept hard copy submission of a screenplay. A Screenplay must be submitted digitally on FilmFreeway. We accept files in PDF and Final Draft formats. Please do not send your screenplay as a Doc or Text.

3. Screenwriters can submit more than one screenplay in the same category, or in different categories.

4. In the event of multiple writers, all additional co-writers names must be mentioned.

5. Cover page must include the title, author name, (WGA registration number and/or Copyright information, as applicable). The cover page does not count in overall script page count.

6. We strongly recommend to register your work with the Writers Guild of America (WGA) or US Copyrights office to protect your script. Please visit - www.wga.org or call 323.782.4500 for WGA. For US Copyright Office, please visit - http://www.copyright.gov


1. To enter the Silent River Screenplay Competition, you must agree to its Terms and Conditions.

2. Screenplays produced and distributed by non-independent means are not eligible to enter the competition.

3. Scripts submitted to the competition must not have been purchased from other writer(s).

4. Screenplay must not have been under production at the time of entry.

5. Screenplays submitted to the competition must not have received awards from other competitions over $2,000.

6. Silent River Screenplay Competition is not responsible for the screenplays stolen.

7. The Silent River Screenplay Competition readers’ and Jury decisions are final.

8. Silent River Screenplay Award and Prizes can be divided equally among the co-writers.

9. Silent River Screenplay Competition winner receives only one trophy. In case, the winning screenplay has more than one writer, additional trophies can be requested by the winners, by paying the full manufacturing price of the trophy, shipping and handling.

10. Submission Fee (s) must be paid in full. Silent River Screenplay Competition is run by a Non-Profit, therefore, we are unable to offer a Fee Waiver. Any request for a Fee Waiver may not receive a response.

Overall Rating
  • James Freeman

    I am greatly honored that Silent River Screenplay Competition recognized my short script, based on a culture, people, and events far removed from the U.S.A. I particularly appreciate that this organization was prompt in responding to inquiries and kept to its announced dates for judging status. Thank you.

    November 2017
  • Great people to work with! Will definitely enter this competition next year with a new script.

    August 2016
  • It's assuring to know that some festivals are givers and willing to do their homework. At Silent River scripts are judged several times in their entirety. And winners receive great prizes and PR recognition.

    July 2016
    Srspc black
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Kelly Jean Karam, for taking time to review the "Silent River Screenplay Competition". We are thrilled by your ratings which encourages us to discover and recognize new voices.