The 2021 Silent River Film Festival Virtual Edition takes place from October 14th-17th.


“This is an extraordinary festival, I’ve never been to a festival like this. There is so much spirit in it. It’s fresh, new and open festival. This is a 21st century festival.” ~ Johanna Demetrakas, (An Emmy nominated director and editor).

“I am honored to be receiving these award at the Silent River Film Festival for the excellence of everyone involved in creating this informative film. Thank you for this and for your kindness; and for allowing FEMME to be seen by more people and to have more thrust in the world.” ~ Sharon Stone (Actress)

“How I Became an Elephant is delighted and flattered to be a part of the ‘Silent River Film Festival”. Bringing people together is one of the main reasons many of us get involved in this wonderful industry. Coming together in the spirit of the ‘Cinema For Causes’ program is an added honor and a big thrill for all of us.” ~ Jorja Fox (Actress /CSI Star)

“The Silent River Film Festival” is a refreshing change from the run-of-the-mill film festivals. SRFF is a multi-cultural celebration of films, ideas, panels, and cultural events like dance and local artisans. Films from all over the globe offer a much different and much needed perspective of life in other places which also unites our common yet unique humanity. I highly recommend the experience for both the filmmakers and movie lovers alike.” ~ Victoria Sampson (Editor/Writer/Director)


Founded in 2011 by writer and filmmaker Kalpna Singh-Chitnis, "Silent River Film Festival" (SRFF) is a premier platform for independent filmmakers worldwide. When the Pandemic hit the world, the festival survived to tell the stories. In 2020, the Silent River Film Festival turned into a virtual festival. The positive side of this change was that the festival doubled its audiences by hosting the filmmakers and screenings online, open to interactions with the viewers worldwide. Now, the Silent River Film Festival brings the best of independent films for entertainment and to support cinema for causes annually and on a rolling basis. The 2021 SRFF will take place from October 14-17th.


The Silent River Film Festival was founded on the 40th anniversary of Irvine as the first international film festival in the city. The festival operates from Irvine and Los Angeles, nestled in the heart of beautiful southern California.

Since 2011, the festival has showcased over 500 films from 40 countries and has become a platform for new and established filmmakers alike. It has also earned itself a reputation of being a festival attended by celebrity filmmakers and actors, who share space with our new and upcoming filmmakers and artists to encourage and inspire them.


The Silent River film Festival is established with a vision to bring the “East and West” together to share their best work of films and “Cinema and Causes” together to raise awareness about the issues that are important to us.

The festival also aims to provide fair representation to women filmmakers and create more opportunities for student filmmakers. It is also committed to promoting diversity and inclusiveness in our industry.

Bring on your best work and submit to the Silent River Film Festival on FilmFreeway at –

We look forward to seeing your work.

All films selected and screened at the Silent River Film Festival will receive an Official Selection Certificate.

Awards in Competition
(A category may compete with other categories for an award)

“River Quest Award” is given to the Best Narrative Feature, Best Narrative Short, Best Feature Documentary, Best Short Documentary.

RIVER REIN AWARD (Best Director Award)
“River Rein Award” is given to the Best Director in Narrative Feature Film and Feature Documentary categories.

RIVER ADVENT AWARD (Best First Time Director Award)
“River Advent Award” is given to the Best First Time Film Director for directing a Narrative Feature.

RIVER AMULET AWARD (Best Student Director)
“River Amulet Award” is given to a Student Director in Best Narrative Short, Best Short Animation or Best Short Documentary categories.

RIVER CRADLE AWARD (Teen Filmmaker Award)
Given to the Best Short Film made by a Teen.

RIVER SYMPHONY AWARD (Best Music Video Award)
“River Symphony Award” is given to the Best Music Video.

RIVER RHYTHM AWARD (Best Poetry Film Award)
“River Rhythm Award” is given to the Best Poetry Film.

RIVER ROCK AWARD (Best Actor Award)
River Rock Award is given to the Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and a Child Actor for their work in a Feature Film and Short Film.

RIVER PEARL AWARD (Best Actress Award)
Given to the Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress and a Child Actress for their work in a Feature Film or Short Film.

NOTE: All Awards are given in a form of a "Certificate," except for the Special Achievement Awards. The winners will be announced in a Press Release on Festival's Website and Social Media Sites.

1. We do not accept film works that have already been released online for public viewing and do not provide any fee waivers.

2. All submitted film works should have been completed on or after January 1, 2019.

3. We request password protected secure online screeners on Youtube or Vimeo to review your film.

4. A log-line and a Short Synopsis of your film work must be included with your film submission.

5. Students must submit proof of enrollment by sending a copy of their student ID as well as the contact information of the person-in-charge to verify their current enrollment at their school.

6. We do not accept amateur work or pornography of any kind. Silent River Film Festival will not review and respond to any such submission.

7. All films must mention the country of production, language, budget and premier status. Films not made in English must have English subtitles.

8. You may enter more than one Feature, Documentary, Short, Music Video or Screenplay. There is no limit on how many entries you may submit, but each entry must be submitted separately.

9. All Submission fees are Non-Refundable.

10. If your film is officially selected at the Silent River Film Festival, you must send Digital Media to us for the final screening. Details will be provided upon selection.

11. Silent River Film Festival is not responsible for the content of a film lost or stolen.

12. Filmmakers must agree to the festival rules. Once a film is officially selected, a submission cannot be withdrawn, and the Silent River Film Festival will have the full authority to screen the film.

13. You authorize us to use the pictures and videos of your film for our marketing purpose at any time on any media platform if your film is selected for screening at our festival.

14. If your film wins an award, it may be shown more than once through our festival platform in one year time.

15. PRESS KIT & PUBLICITY PHOTOS: Please submit a Press Kit with high-resolution Publicity Photos and Director's Statement on FilmFreeway. Please, DO NOT mail or e-mail the Press Kit.

16. A film must be submitted by the authorized person.

17. Silent River Film Festival reserves the right to decline the selection of a finalist or winner in any category, and at any stage of the judging if there are no acceptable entries or finalists in that category.

18. Please read all the instructions and guidelines carefully before submitting your entry and signing the release form. Any dispute arising thereafter and challenged in the court will be subject to the hearings under the US Law in the State of California, USA.

Overall Rating
  • It was an honour for Cry of the Forests to be part of the Silent River Film Festival.

    October 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you!


    A very nice friendly film festival

    October 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you!

  • I am so honored to be a part of this great festival. Thank you so much for everything.

    October 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you!

  • This festival was really professional, in the communication, the attention and the kindness that was given to us. They have selected films from all genres, from all cultures showing a broad vision of today's cinema. I am very honoured to have been part of the selection and also to have been awarded.
    Thank you Silent River Film Festival!

    October 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you!

  • Jorge Zorrilla

    Uno de los más importantes festivales del mundo con excelente organización que impulsa el cine independiente.

    September 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you!