SILENCE IS GOLDEN is a festival of contemporary silent film of all categories, with improvised live music by several musical ensembles as well as a retrospective of classic works of the silent era. It consists of a competition program of newly made films, and of special screenings of important films from the history of silent film followed with lectures and panels.

Venue: Student city Cultural center

The festival is realized through several program sections:

A. A competition program of contemporary silent films evaluated by a three-member jury delegated by theorists and creators in the field of cinematography. The award for the best film is given, the sculpture SILENCE IS GOLDEN
B. Screening of a significant works from the history of silent film and accompanying lectures on film.
C. Performing improvised music on silent films from the competition selection.
D. Round table/Master classes on the topic of restoration, digitization and development of silent film form today in the light of the digital age
E. Networking with other silent film festivals in the world

The aim of the festival is to revalue silent film as an original cinematic expression and a film language based on visual, sign and non-verbal means of expression. Exploring the perspectives of silent film in the digital age, through the presentation of restoration and digitization projects.
The target group of the festival are students of the University of Arts, residents of the Student City, film lovers, professionals in the field of cinematography.

Jury prize - A Mask - Golden silence award
3 Special mentions

1. The 1st Silent Film Festival SILENCE IS GOLDEN in its competition program shows domestic and international silent films that do not have dialogue but can contain ambient noises, without composed music score, or completely without sound, of all categories and types.
2. Movies may contain text boards or subtitles, or notes for a score which can be performed live along with film.
3. Entries must not be older than 3 years
4. The duration of films that can be submitted is up to 45 minutes.
5. Films from the competition program are shown with live music.
6. Films may be submitted by directors, producers, institutions or other legal entities with rights to represent films.
7. The selection of films for the competition program is chosen by the selector of the competition program in coordination with the Artistic director of the festival.
8. In addition to the competition program, the festival presents other program sections in the field of theory, history and aesthetics of film, namely retrospectives, lectures, panel discussions and presentations of current film theoretical works on the topic of silent film.
Silent Film Festival SILENCE IS GOLDEN awards the prize for the best film according to the evaluation of the expert jury and the audience award. The award consists of a plaque and the participation of the festival organizers in the production of a silent film by the awarded author, lasting up to 5 minutes until the next edition of the festival.
10. The organizer undertakes to store all submitted films in the archives of the Festival and use them exclusively for documentary, educational and cultural purposes. In case the organizer has lost or damaged the copy, he is obliged to cover the cost of materials and making a new projection or archive copy.
11. The selector has the right to disqualify a film submitted on a copy of poor technical quality.
12. The organizer invites directors, producers and other members of the creative team of films selected for the competition program and provides them with accommodation during the three nights of the festival, but without the possibility of reimbursement of travel expenses, given the limited budget.

Overall Rating
  • Very nice festival, thank you for selecting my short film NATURE ATTACK!

    April 2024
  • Iulia Enkelana

    Very good organization and communication. Thank you!

    January 2024
  • Benjamin W Jones

    We were honored that "The Olden Golden" screened at the Silence is Golden Silent Film Festival.

    December 2023
  • Elaine Crowe

    Thank you so much for selecting my film. Its a fantastic film festival that gives gives celebrates silent and experimental films.

    November 2023
  • Michael Lyons

    Thank you for supporting experimental film.

    November 2023