Under the theme, “STEP OUT, INSPIRE SOMEONE, BE AN CHANGE OF AGENT!”, the 2020 festival will bring along various activities programmed for 9days. The festival aims at finding a balance through entertainment, human rights, education, engaging audiences and delegates. SHUNAFFoZ 2020 will embark on a campaign to attract more participants, submissions and audiences, biased to products that address and promote critically stepping out to inspire someone and contribute to changing lives in order to create a better society for all, through film in any aspect of life. This year the festival focuses mainly on challenging artists, filmmakers, traditional, religious leaders and everyone to actively participate in issues like Child Marriage, Alcohol, Drug and Sexual Abuse.

A project of Vilole Images Productions (VIP), SHUNAFFoZ formerly known as the International Film Festival of Zambia (IFFoZ) was officially lunched on 28th October 2006 in Lusaka, to pursue a focused vision of contributing to the development of the Zambian film industry and promote the use of film as a tool for human rights and social change. It was instituted on the premise of contributing towards empowering individuals to the growth and visibility of the local film industry and celebrating the abilities of the all artists including the underprivileged through the art of film. This film festival is unique because it is biased to celebrate films about/of women, the youth and those who are underprivileged in society. Through this platform, it’s VIP’s hope is that all persons in the industry from different parts of the country and the world would come together to screen movies, network, discuss issues that matter, share and exchange information. Also sell and buy products that celebrate the theme of each year.

Awards and honors deserving humanitarians, filmmakers, film supporters and productions with human rights themes that inspire and contribute towards justice and social change.

Best Picture
Best Zambian Picture
Best Feature film Script
Best Cinematography
Best Director
Best Documentary
Best Editor
Best Actress
Best Actor
Best Human Rights film
Best Jury Award
Best student Award

Competition is only open to Zambia (Locally) and African produced films, however, non-African filmmakers are encouraged to submit their films for screenings only

1. Only Feature films, shorts films and documentaries are eligible.
2. The maximum running time for shorts is 30 minutes (including credits), for features
minimum length is 15 minutes and maximum duration for the feature film is 90 min
3. Films can be shot on any format. (16mm, 35mm, HDV, Beta and DVD).
4. Films should be submitted for final screening at the festival on DVD Pal only.
5. Films produced in languages other than English must have legible English subtitles or
dub in English. Preferably, also English spoken films contain English subtitles. When
selected for the festival it is obliged to have English subtitles available.
6. For the viewings at the festival digital files are allowed. We will contact you about this
when your film is selected.
7. By submitting your film, you automatically accept the regulations of the festival.
8. Your film will never be shown online unless you explicitly submit for our online
competition. In all other cases, your submission will only be considered for our live

The Following information will be provided once your film is selected
• 1 page synopsis of the story in English
• At least two different stills
• A list of credits
• A filmography of the director
• Director’s passport photo
• A filmography of the producer
• And press kit