If you're passionate about positive social change, and you want to use your art to spread awareness about consent while also earning cash prizes, then this is the festival for you!

The Consent Academy is proud to present its first-ever film festival, “Show Me Consent.” Amateur and professional filmmakers alike are invited to create a short film highlighting consensual interactions in ways that can reach and spread virally among audiences who don’t currently seek out material on consent. The screening will be in Seattle on November 10th, 2019, featuring $6,000 in cash prizes, with $2,000 awarded to “Best in Show.”

The Consent Academy anticipates a wide range of film styles, from educational shorts to genre films. Content or storylines do not have to be explicitly about consent, but must highlight consensual interactions. Representation across gender, race, sexuality, and ability is encouraged.

The Consent Academy is a non-profit providing education and consultation services around this complex and global issue. Based out of Seattle, WA, our educators teach about consent across all aspects of life, from the bedroom to the boardroom. The festival is part of the Consent Academy’s mission to build Consent Culture in communities, organizations, schools, and at home. By highlighting visual interaction we hope to bring more awareness to this topical issue.

Prizes will be awarded at the Nov. 10th Screening in the following Categories:
Best in Show - $2,000.00 - Judged by paneled Jury of consent experts, filmmakers, and artists.
Audience Choice - $1,500.00 - Judged by audience vote at the Nov. 10th screening.
Best in Category - $500.00 each - Judged by paneled Jury.
​Funniest – Makes us laugh while teaching or showing Consent.
Best Under a Minute – Best Micro Short Film.
Best Genre Film – Positive consensual interactions in a narrative story.
Most Inspiring – Inspires people to practice Consent.
Best Educational – Gives accurate Consent information in an understandable way.
Winners do not need to be present to receive their prize.

We reserve the right to not award categories that we feel are not represented in the final selection of films.

Everyone working on the project and shown in the video must give explicit consent for being a part of it.

Working conditions must be decent, crew and actors should have an open discussion about expectations and boundaries before beginning to rehearse or film. Meals, accessible bathrooms, < 12 hour days, and reasonable working conditions should be provided. Use SAG-AFTRA rules as a guideline.

Videos must be between 50 seconds and 5 minutes in length.
Videos must end with the Show Me Consent Film Festival Logo - Find at http://www.consent.academy/film-logo.html

Videos must be submitted with an online screener via FilmFreeway.
​Export video in H.264 codec and .mp4 format. If selected, you will be asked to provide a link to download your film.
Videos may be adult in nature but must fall within YouTube Community Guidelines.

Video creator(s) retains Copyright. By submitting the creator(s) agree to give the Consent Academy a Non-Exclusive License to use, show, and promote submitted films.
Creators are encouraged to promote their films and the screening once submitted. On-line teasers should be no longer than 15% of the overall submission. Films can and should be posted to their own sites after the November 10th showing. Any early release of the submitted video will be grounds for disqualification.

Our understanding of consent can be found at http://www.consent.academy/consent-basics.html

Other ideas and concepts are welcome. Judging will start from this framework.​
The Consent Academy reserves the right to disqualify any video we feel attacks or shows consensual behavior in a negative way.
Any video not in English needs to have English subtitles.

To be notified of acceptance by October 25th, submit by the early notification deadline of October 11th.