*Submissions are now closed. Please see below for our full program.

We invite you to submit your short film of 10 minutes or less and be part of an exciting film festival in the heart of Hollywood! Now in its third year, Short+Sweet Film Festival Hollywood, promises to be bigger and better than ever! Short+Sweet Film Festival is open to all, but most welcome are local film makers.

If your film is chosen to be part of the first festival you’ll join a program featuring local and international films that will be presented at the Marilyn Monroe Theatre on Santa Monica Blvd in September / October 2019. You’ll have the chance to win Awards and Prizes and have your work seen and appraised by an incredible line up of industry professionals.

The Best Film (chosen by respected industry judges) and the People’s Choice Winner (chosen by the audience) will be selected to take part in the International Short+Sweet Film Festival Gala Final on October 20th at the beautiful and historic Marilyn Monroe Theatre on Santa Monica Blvd. That’s where the winning films from S+S Film Festivals in Sydney, Melbourne, Manila, Dubai and Chennai will compete to take out the International Best Film Awards.

The festival is a proud member of the Short+Sweet family - the biggest 10 minute performing arts festival in the world - with events in 30+ cities across 12 countries. The festival has been entertaining audiences for over 20 years, with the first S+S Theatre Festival in Sydney Australia in 2002 and to date, have presented over 5,500 original new works in Theatre, Music and Dance. The newest home of the S+S Film is now right here in Hollywood.


*Schedule is correct at time of printing but may be subject to change and or additions

Week 1: SEPTEMBER 24. 2019

Program 1 – 7PM. Short & Sweet Film Festival (68 min.)
Dissever - Jacob Edmonds (6:02)
Chasing Eden - Giovanna Molina (8:50)
Jinja - Talin Tanielian (6:29)
The Curse - Dave Berenato (7:00)
Nowhere In the Universe - Greg McDonald (4:55)
Unforgettable - Sabrina Jaglom (6:30)
Ineffabile - Amber Jackson (8:32)
Time-Busters - Brianna Seamster (10:50)
Commander Sam – Liam Fouracre (9:09)

Program 2 – 9PM - Short & Sweet Film Festival (60 min.)
Dalton - Dagney Kerr (9:20)
Sing to Me - Jonathan Goetzman (10:56)
Sweet & Tender Hooligan - Jose Alfredo Garcia (9:58)
Lola - Sofia Alvarez (9:16)
A Paw in Need - McKenna Brockway (5:52)
Polly Pocket - Veronica Maccari (8:37)
Is This You, Too? - Anthony Meindl (7:54)

Short+Sweet SAE International Student Film Festival
Latino Program (70 mins) - Oct 1, 7pm

From finding love in an atomic wasteland to the hunt to protect the sacred blue butterfly, experience an exciting array of Spanish language animations and short films from SAE Creative Media Institute students and alumni.

Tayau – Christopher Aguilar
What would go wrong? – Erinn Blanchet
Seth – Mario Arturo Acosta Chaparro Gerstein
The Good, the Bad and the Cactus – Adib Cherit
Fright – Daniela Brambila
Atomic Love – Ian Cortes
Requiem – Samuel Olivarez
Space Isolation – Diego Inclán Soto
Carnival – Azucena Castillo
Ñihi – Tamara Cruz
Butterfly – Maglíe de la Torre Alarcón
Internal – Adrián García Pascalín
Caninos – Adrián Dávila Rosas
Til’ death – Frida Moran

S+S SAE International Student Film Festival
International Shorts (93 mins) - Oct 1, 9pm

A wandering samurai warrior is confronted by another samurai…family dysfunction hits new heights at the dinner table…a chance meeting at a mystical underground party. Welcome to the world of SAE Creative Media Institute’s student short films. An eclectic mix of animation, fiction, documentary and experimental films from SAE students from around the world.

AFK – Natalie Grube, Luca Fox
Bodies – Tegan Clancy
Wipeout Beat – Antoine Amen
Away – Nicole Chen (may need a content warning for depictions of rape)
A Small Bot – Benjamin Round
As Above So Below – Terance Nieuwoudt
Jordan – A Travel Film – Léo Saller
Old Friends – Steven Morris
Meaningless – Tyson Di Rosa
Ronin – John Do
Viola – Beatrice Lebrun
A Cornish Summer – Natalia Giorgi
Vacatio – Louise Mayerhofer
E-A 720 – Eleonora Carta
Steam – P.H. Kho
Profiterole – Chrysanthi Karfi Koi

Week 3: October 8. 2019
Program 01. 7PM - Short & Sweet: Asian Focus (55 min.)
Gliese - Nuri Jeong (9:20)
The Egg - Jane Cho (9:30)
Edge of Seventeen - Nuri Jeong (1:00)
Tofu - Danial Shafii (1:54)
Make It Sound - AnDy Wu (6:00)
Mr. Eichmann and the Maverick Goat - Feizi Cheng (3:22)
One by Two - Raghav Puri (4:42)
The Art of Flawsome - Andrea Nirmala (9:54)
The Unique Princess - Liu Chen Yi (2:21)
Naan & Balsamic Vinaigrette - Urvashi Pathania (5:30)

Program 02 – 9PM - Short & Sweet Film Festival (56 min.)
Charley Horse - Luna Garcia (10:21)
Baba’s Next Chapter - Jamie C.X. Wang (9:42)
Shapes - Dhruv Suri (4:01)
New Leaf - Juli Kim (5:00)
Super 80 - Jeneffa Soldatic (3:30)
Spell - Kurt Gerber (7:11)
Room 264 - Brodie May Rowlands (4:32)
Forfait – Remi Quodbach (10:51)

Week 3: October 15. 2019
Program 01. 7PM - Short & Sweet: LATINO (45 min.)
Inmature - Jorge Ponce Betti
Bad Reflection - Marcelo Fabani
Chimpanzees - Ull Galindez
Contracorriente - Carlos Asse
Pinguino - Antonio Darwiche
Silent Ways - Lucy Vico
The Other Look - Luciano Nacci
The Blue Cape - Alejandra López

Program 02 – 9PM - Short & Sweet LATINO (63 min)
Pozole - Jessica Siqueiros
Ailin In The Moon - Claudia Ruiz
The Holdout - Javier Augusto Nunez
Four Women Away From Home - Pablo Riesgo
Cross - Gerrry Maravilla
The Call - Jimmy Castro
Dance With Me, Mija - Juan Gil
Day - Sebastian Ochoa Mendoza

Week 4: October 22. 2019
7PM - Short & Sweet Film Festival – FINALS
Films to be determined from Juror and People’s Choice votes throughout the Festival.


The winning films will be screened in Los Angeles at the Short+Sweet International Film Festival Gala Final on October 22nd at the Marilyn Monroe Theater.

Prizes include Final Draft Licenses, Casting Networks membership, Cash and an opportunity to be mentored by the Head of Talent, Development and Inclusion at NBC Entertainment.

There are also other local prizes to be won and awards including: Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, Best Actor (Female + Male), & People's Choice.

In addition, by entering the Hollywood Short+Sweet Film Festival your film is eligible for selection in any of the other S+S Film Festivals around the world over the next 12 months - Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland, Dubai, Kolkata, Chennai, Canberra, Abu Dhabi, New Delhi, Wollongong, South Coast (NSW) and Wellington.

In keeping with the Short+Sweet tradition, all films must be 10 minutes or less (not including title) and can be shot and edited on any device.

You must have the permission to use any images, storylines, music etc. in your film.

The only other limit - is your imagination!

By entering your film to S+S you are agreeing to the following:

1.The running time of my Film is 10 minutes or less. Films longer than 10 minutes (10m59s) will not be considered and and the entry fee forfeited.
2. I am the creator of the Film and I give permission for the Film to be presented at any Short+Sweet (S+S) festival or event for which it is eligible. If I am not the (sole) creator of the film I warrant that I have obtained all necessary permissions of writers, originators or contributors.
3. Should my film be selected for a S+S Festival or event I understand I will receive no royalties or other payment for those screenings, live or virtual, but will be eligible for prizes and professional development opportunities.
4. I understand that my Film will be assessed by a selection committee and that no communication will be entered into by S+S regarding this process. The selection decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
5. I give S+S the right to screen/record/photograph my Film for archival, marketing and publicity purposes (inlcuding in unpaid public forums such as YouTube, Vimeo or similar).
6. I understand copyright material cannot be used unless I have documentation to prove legal authorisation from the musician, artist, writer or record label.
7. I may also be required to provide Actor Release Forms to be signed by the people appearing in your film.
8. I understand that Films in any language are eligible, but must be subtitled in English.
9. The festival is open to filmmakers of all ages and levels of experience.
10. Submission deadline for Hollywood S+S Film Festival is 11:59pm (PST), September 2, 2018.
11. All content submitted must be in accordance with the law and any perceived illegal activity will be reported to the appropriate authorities.
12. The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
13. I understand that if my Film is selected as a finalist I will be required to provide S+S with the highest quality recording of the Film so that it can be screened.

Privacy Statement
The personal information provided by you will only be used by us for S+S Festivals, competitions and related activities, and to communicate with you about those activities. You can opt out of these at any time by responding to any emails received with "Unsubscribe" in the subject line or the body of an email.

No restrictions on the Device(s) used to record or create video and audio.
No restrictions on Software used to create, edit or enhance video and audio.
Films in any language are welcome, but must be subtitled in English.
The festival is open to filmmakers of ALL ages and levels of experience.
The cost of entry to S+S Film is $25. If you need another payment method or are having trouble with payment please contact us at nikki.c@shortandsweet.org

Overall Rating
  • Jose Alfredo & Coker Jones Garcia

    Great festival, great communication, great venue and great reception.

    December 2019
  • Javier Augusto Nunez

    Great festival, the vibe is very friendly!

    November 2019
  • We are thankful with the Festival because of the selection of our short movie "Bad Reflection", but more even thankful for the festival itself.
    Short and Sweet offered an amazing environment for the exhibition of various genres of cinema in a excellent location.
    The process before the exhibition was very efficient and we were updated with the proper information, so we could make the necessary arrangements to make people assist to watch not only our movie but all the program.
    Congratulations for the festival´s organizers and we wish to be there next year.

    November 2019
  • The Short+Sweet Hollywood Film Festival 2018 was a very nice experience. Beyond receiving an award as "Best Writer" for our short film "Pure Screen", the staff and the organization was amazing, they kept in touch with us all the time for rules and activities from the begining. The films were on time and the theater was very well located and very comfortable. Thank you for letting us be a part of this year Festival!, and again congratulations to all the winners. See you next year!.

    Javier Farías, Director of "Pure Screen".

    November 2018
  • Pleasant communication, replies are always prompt. I am a year one computer animation student. This is my first animation, get selected and premiered by you (I wish I were there) and also shortlisted by the Royal Academy of Art are honours for me. Thank you all for your encouragement. Very best wishes to the Hollywood Short + Sweet Film Festival.

    October 2018