The Maremetraggio Association continues on its path, organising a festival which, upon reaching its 19th year. ShorTS, organised by our own association, is divided in Maremetraggio section, dedicated to shorts from all over the world, Virtual Reality Section, dedicated to virtual shorts, and SweeTS4Kids section dedicated to short films for school aged children (8-13).

The Artistic Direction will choose a Jury of experts that will award the following prizes:

Maremetraggio Section
• Best Short Film Award (€ 5.000)
• Best Short animation and visual effects
• Studio Universal Award for Best Italian Short Film
• Best undistributed Short
• Oltre il Muro Award for Best Short Italian Film
• Best Italian Editing Short
• People’s Choice Award for Best Short Film

Virtual Reality Section
• Best Virtual Reality Short

SweeTS4Kids Section
• Best Short Film

The Artistic Direction of the Festival reserves the right to change the above-mentioned awards. The jury reserves the right to assign honorable mentions.
The Audience Award will be given after the votes of the audience.
The short films participating in the Web Initiative on the Internet will compete for an eventual Web Audience’s Award.
Please note that the € 5.000 prize is a subject to taxation according to the Italian law ( 25% – art. 30, 2° comma DPR 600/73).
The prize for the “Best Short Film Award” (€ 5.000) not retired by the winner will be not payable anymore after one year from communication.

ShorTS International Film Festival is organised by Associazione Maremetraggio and is sponsored by Public and Private Entities.

ShorTS International Film Festival is held in Trieste, Italy, from the 29th of June to the 7th of July 2018 and will last for 9 (nine) days.

The Festival is divided into five sections:
-Maremetraggio Section
-Last Chance Section
-Virtual Reality Section
-SweeTS4Kids Section
-Nuove Impronte Section

This section is reserved for short films that won one or more prizes in one or more international festivals during 2017. All submitted works must not exceed 20 minutes in terms of length (titles included) and must have been produced after June, 2016.
The films are selected at the incontestable discretion of the Artistic Direction of the Festival.

This section includes films that did not win any Award. Submitted films must not exceed 10 minutes (titles included) and must have been produced after January, 2017. All genres are eligible.
A maximum of ten selected films from this section will be included in the Maremetraggio Section of the Festival.


Submitted films must not exceed 20 minutes.

Short films in Virtual Reality can be either monoscopic or stereoscopic.

The following formats are considered optimal:

-Stereoscopic: 3840x3840 30 fps h265, at least 20 Mbs with an equirectangular projection of Top/Bottom

-Monoscopic: 3840x3840 30 fps h265, at least 15 Mbs with an equirectangular projection

Nonetheless other VR formats will also be accepted, provided that they come with equirectangular projections within their formats, that the organisation can freely re-code, for the organisation’s specific use of VR during the event.

This section accepts every genre of short films dedicated to kids from ages 8 to 13 years old. All submitted works must not exceed 15 minutes in terms of length (titles included) and must have been produced after January, 2017. The Audience Award will be assigned by a jury of 101 children.

The Nuove Impronte section is dedicated to the emerging talent of Italian Feature Films. 7 films by young directors will be selected via invitation by Beatrice Fiorentino, film critic and curator of the section. This is a way to expose and inspire confidence to new and diverse italian films, becoming strong in number and aesthetical development.

All interested in participation must complete the entry form on the Official Website of the Festival: ( or it is possible to use one of the following platforms:
FilmFreeway (
The participants must enroll their own film by the 28th of February 2018.
DVDs of films will also be accepted and they will be included in the Festival archive. There is a possibility that the work will be used for non-profit purposes (screenings in schools, cinema experts clubs, etc.)
For any other kind of usage, The Organisation will have to ask for permission.
The materials must be sent to:

Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi, 3 – 34135 Trieste – Italy

Please write outside the package:

The authors of the selected films will be contacted by the Organisation and will be advised to send the materials requested at moment of selection (photos, texts, dialogue lists…) .
The screening copy of the selected shorts must be sent by the 8th of June 2018.
Important note: the screening copy must be in PAL format. The copies sent in NTSC format will not be screened due to technical incompatibilities.
The shipping costs are paid by the Sender, and the Festival will cover the return costs.

The schedule and the programme of the screenings will be specified by the Artistic Direction of the Festival.

Each author is liable for the content of his or her works.
The participants authorize the Festival to use their name and address for all the purposes related to the event. The information in the Entry Form will be published in the catalogue of the Festival and on the Festival’s Website.
The participation in the Festival implies the full understanding of this regulation, and compliance with its terms.
This regulation is issued in both Italian and English. In case of problems or contradictions relating to the interpretation, the Italian version is deemed authentic.

Overall Rating
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    Winnifred Jong

    The communication with this festival is top notch! Prompt, friendly and professional. I'm sorry that I couldn't attend; thank you for offering two nights accommodations. The publicity, the website, the program was easy to access. The venue looked spectacular and well attended. It was an honour to be selected!

    July 2017
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    Domenico Guidetti

    The organizers really care about you and your film, and they do everything they can to help promote your work. They are very kind, organized and professional. Communication is very prompt and courteous. It was a great honour to be part of this film festival.
    I highly recommend to all filmmakers since it was a fabulous experience in all aspects.

    July 2017
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    motahareh ahmadpour

    its great festival .thanks i hope see you agine

    July 2017
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    Romain Daudet-Jahan

    Amazing festival in which I had the chance to be selected and awarded the Makinarium Prize for best visual effects and animation. Amazing people, great organization and beautiful location. Had the chance to meet many directors from Italy and abroad and share our common passion. One of my best time in all the festivals I've done.

    July 2017
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    Sajedur Rahman

    Its nice to get selected in this festival. Overall is quite good festival in Europe.

    July 2017