Violence in our society is as old as the republic itself. It has affected nearly every American in some form or another and is not just committed by one race or class in our society. From everyday working class citizens to our most celebrated entertainers, athletes, political and world leaders, status has not provided immunity from violent acts, some have even lost their lives to senseless acts of violence in schools, places of worship, shopping malls, movie theatres and the workplace.

Join the movement and submit your Anti-bullying/Stop the Violence PSA today!


- PSA/Music Video contest is open to students in elementary school, middle school, high
school or college only.

- PSA must not be more than 90 seconds.

- Music Video must not be more than 5 - minutes long and must not contain profanity or
extreme violence.

- PSA must be submitted in .MOV or .MP4 file format for YouTube URL and Vimeo URL.

- PSA/Music Video must be original student entrant work.

- PSA/Music Video must depict the importance of the Shoot Film Not Guns Anti-
bullying/Stop the Violence Program and may include helpline contact information of
support agencies in your local area.

- PSA/Music Video must include filmmaker credits i.e. title, name/team members names,
school/organization, city, state

- PSA/Music Video shall not include any offensive or illegal content.

- PSA/Music Video shall not include any copyrighted, trademarked or branded.


Each entrant must be enrolled as a student at an elementary school, middle school, high school, college or homeschool. Students may work individually or as a team of up to four students. Contest is limited to one entry per person/team. A parent/teacher must sponsor and be responsible for the supervision of the entrant(s). The parent/teacher sponsor or other adults may appear in the PSA video, but shall not participate in the development or production of the video.


All entries will be voted on by the public and reviewed by a panel of judges. Shoot Film Not Guns will then post the top ten PSAs on its websites and social media for a second round of public voting. The semi-finalists and the winner will be announced at The American Youth Film Festival.


- All entries become the property of The American Youth Arts Society, Inc., herein after
referred to as “AYAS” and may be used in whole or in part at its discretion.

- By entering the contest, all entrants agree to permit the use of their name and other
personal information for publicity and further agree that AYAS has a universal,
irrevocable, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, prepare derivative works of,
distribute, display, exhibit, transmit, and/or broadcast the videos without payment or
further consent.

- The semi-finalists additionally grant to AYAS all rights, titles and interest, including,
without limitation, all copyrights and exploitation rights in any media of their videos
without payment or further consent.

- Any incomplete Entry Forms shall be disqualified.

- The entrants represent that:

* The video and everything depicted in the video are wholly original and do not
infringe upon or otherwise violate any right of any person, firm or entity;

* He/she/they have all rights, licenses, permissions, and consents necessary to
submit the video in the contest in accordance with these terms and conditions;

* No person/entity other than the entrants have any right, title, or arrangement to
the video, including, but not limited to, music publishing agreement, recording
agreement, production agreement, or any similar agreement.

- The entrants agree that AYAS may post the PSA video, or any part thereof, on AYAS
websites and social media outlets and submit it for television broadcast.

- The entrants agree that AYAS has the right to modify, edit, and/or adapt the PSA video
as necessary as well as to reproduce it, in whole or in part, without compensation or
further notice to the entrants.

- The opinions expressed in the video submissions are solely the opinions of the
entrants and not those of AYAS. The AYAS is not responsible for any videos provided by
entrants that are deemed harmful or offensive to others. The AYAS reserves the right,
in its sole discretion, to reject any PSA that it deems inappropriate.

- All entrants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and decisions of AYAS, as
applicable, which are final as to all contest-related matters. By participating in the
contest, entrants agree to release AYAS and its officials, employees, and partners, from
any and all actions, claims, injury, loss or damage arising in any manner, directly or
indirectly, whether for legal or equitable (including injunctive) relief, relating to
participation in the contest and/or acceptance, use, or misuse of a prize.

- The contest is subject to all federal, state, and local laws.

- No employees or immediate family members of employees of AYAS or its affiliates may
enter the contest.

- Void where prohibited by law.