Launched in July 2011, Shock & Gore is a UK festival that looks to bring together all those people – whether audience members or film-makers – who have a love of horror, science fiction and fantastic films at the oldest working cinema in the UK.

While screenings make up the brunt of the festival, we also programme a number of different events, as we believe a festival should be more than just a collection of screenings. To that end, we’ve had stand-up comedy, Q&As, live choirs and all-night events.

Shock & Gore is a meeting place for UK film-makers and fans of genre cinema, a place where everyone can mingle and celebrate their love of cinema.

We have a commitment to celebrating not only the work of established genre filmmakers, but also those looking to get their first break and some national exposure. As such, the focal point of the festival is the official Shock & Gore competition, where entries from across the globe will be viewed and awards will be given for Best Feature Film and Best Short Film.

Best Short Film

Best Feature Film

Screeners are non-returnable

Entries that are selected for screening during the festival must be made available on either Blu-Ray or DCP

An EPK or Press Pack is only needed if your film is selected for screening

Your film is not required to be a world or UK premiere to be considered for selection.

Once a film is submitted and accepted to the festival, you guarantee to not withdraw it from the festival under any circumstances. We must also receive screening materials at least one week before the festival.

By submitting a film to us, you agree that you are authorised to submit the film, including having received permission from a distributor/sales agent representing the film, and you must have obtained necessary permissions for the inclusion of copyrighted music and/or images within the films.

All entries must be in English or contain English subtitles.

Only completed entries will be processed and considered for screening.

Overall Rating
  • One of my favorite festivals, run by true movie lovers, and true horror lovers. Great communicaiton, great job curating a chilling selection of films.

    July 2019
  • Michael Fausti

    Great festival, well worth submitting to.

    October 2018