Music Video Festival in Oviedo (Spain)

7. Three main prizes are established.
7.1. Official Section Prize: 1000 euros (THOUSAND euros).
7.2. RTPA Award for best Asturian video clip: 500 euros (FIVE HUNDRED euros).
7.3. European Youth Card Award: 500 euros (FIVE HUNDRED euros)

1. The bases developed are valid for all FIVO 2023 participants.
2. There is no limit of works per author, as long as they have been made after January 1, 2022.
3. All pieces submitted to the contest must be original. The participants ratify through the signature of these legal bases that they own the authorship and therefore the intellectual property rights (or the authorized license for the use of the piece by its owners), in addition to the transfer of the right to the image of the people who appear
4. In the event of non-compliance with authorship, the person responsible will be solely and exclusively the one who has submitted said video clip, assuming, therefore, the consequences derived from any type of claim or legal action. Consequently, the organization exempts itself from any conflict derived from the non-authorship of the works presented.
5. Those works that have been sent to previous editions of this Festival will not be selected.
6. Three sections are established within the festival.
6.1. Official Section: International video clip competition.
6.2. National Show: Show of national video clips.
6.3. Asturias Section: Contest of video clips made by Asturian directors.
7. Three main prizes are established.
7.1. Official Section Prize: 1000 euros (THOUSAND euros).
7.2. RTPA Award for best Asturian video clip: 500 euros (FIVE HUNDRED euros).
7.3. European Youth Card Award: 500 euros (FIVE HUNDRED euros)
Award sponsored by the European Youth Card Program of the Asturian Youth Institute aimed at young filmmakers born and/or residing in the Principality of Asturias and who at the end of the festival are under 30 years of age.
7.4. The prize will be paid by bank transfer to the account indicated by the winners, within a maximum period of six months from the date of the festival.
7.5. In the event that any of the winners cannot be present at the awards ceremony, they must name another person to pick them up in their place and send a thank you video to project it. In addition to previously notifying the organization of his absence, if these requirements are not met, the winner will not have the cash prize.
7.6. The winners must present the necessary documentation to make the corresponding payment within a maximum period of 10 days from the date of the awards ceremony. Failure to comply with this term implies the waiver of the economic prize (although not the condition of winner).

7.7. The organization reserves the right to make and deliver special mentions.
8. The submission of the works and their registration to participate in the Official Section can only be done through FilmFreeway.
In addition, and only for the participants of the Asturias Section and the European Youth Card Award, they can send their work to the email address
9. The period for sending the works will be open from 00:00 on March 29 to 23:59 on October 1.
10. The Festival will notify all participants by email of the works that make up the official selection 2 weeks before the start of the contest. In turn, each person selected personally will be asked for the screening copy in digital format, also by email.
11. The theme of the work to be presented is free, but violent content that may hurt the sensitivity of the public will be excluded.
11.1 The organization of the festival reserves the right to dispense with those works that it considers do not comply with the bases, do not present a minimum of quality (we will be rigorous with those that do not respect the submission format of the works or exceed the time established for the duration of the projections).
11.2 The copies sent to compete will be kept by the festival organization indefinitely, forming part of the archive material, and may be used for non-profit purposes.
11.3 The decisions of the Selection Committee and the Jury are final.
11.4 Voting and the decision of the jury are secret, personal and irrevocable. Voting will be done by simple majority and will not be public until the awards ceremony. Subsequently, it will be published through the different channels belonging to the festival and other media.
12. The contestants assign to the festival the total or partial reproduction rights of the works presented, both within the scope of the contest and through any of the media used by this festival to make itself known and promote itself. This does not imply the loss of copyright by their owners but the transfer of these for non-commercial purposes and linked to the festival.
12.1. The contestants authorize the festival to use, reproduce and distribute their name, as well as the works that participate, the images and frames contained in said pieces, for the realization of a special about the festival to be broadcast by RADIOTELEVISIÓN DEL PRINCIPADO DE ASTURIAS RTPA.
12.2. Any additional information or clarification will be provided by email.
13. All participants, by the fact that they are, fully accept these rules, as well as the resolution by the Organization of any problem not included in them. In the face of possible doubts, the criteria of the Festival Organization will prevail.
14. The Organization reserves the right to modify these bases. @fivoviedo