Established in 2009, Seoul Yeongdeungpo International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival(SESIFF) holds its 15th edition this year. Focused on extreme-short and short films, SESIFF is looking for intense, compact and dynamic films. SESIFF believes that the short can change the world in a better way through powerful message. Be part of our movement!

[International Competition]
- Grand Award : 5 million KRW
- Special Jury Award : 2 million KRW
- Best Extreme-short Film : 1 million KRW
- Best Short Film : 1 million KRW

[Korean Competition]
- Grand Award : 5 million KRW
- Special Jury Award : 2 million KRW
- Best Extreme-short Film : 1 million KRW
- Best Short Film : 1 million KRW

[Korean New Generation Competition]
- Grand Award : 2 million KRW

[Audience Award] : 1 million KRW

Please visit our official website( for more details.


※ All selected films will be subjected to selection of Brussels Short Film Festival(Belgium), Bali International Short Film Festival(Indonesia) and Bogota Short Film Festival(Colombia), those who are in a cooperative relationship with SESIFF. Please contact SESIFF to refuse this subsequent submission.

※ Selected films of Extreme-short Film Competition that are agreed for an online/subway screening will be subjected to selection of ‘Seoul Metro International subway Film Festival’ which is a part of SESIFF. More details about SMIFF is available on its official website(


1) Nomination Announcement : August 1st(Tue), 2023

Entries for the competition section will be reviewed by preliminary juries from which the final selections will be made. Selection results will be posted on the official website and the individuals (the finalists only) will be notified via e-mail. Nominated work cannot be canceled arbitrarily.

2) For screening

For films chosen to be screened, the film file for screening and all the necessary materials requested by SESIFF must be submitted. Details regarding submitting final films will be sent to the finalists individually.


1) All submitted documents and materials would be used to publish the catalog, the website and other promotion materials.

2) The excerpts from the submitted films which are selected as the finalists can be used for the festival publicity

3) The range of publicity includes media (e.g. Newspapers, broadcastings, magazines, new media, etc), social media and other ways that are generally used to promote the festival.

[Post-Festival Screening]

1) SESIFF has a right to have additional screenings of the finalists and awarded films only. In this case, SESIFF will get permission from the copyright holders in advance.

2) Under the distribution agency agreement with the copyright holders, SESIFF may distribute the films through media after the festival.

3) SESIFF may re-screen winning films for 1 month after the festival at SESIFF online theater. (All nominated films of Extreme-short competition may be screened after the festival at SESIFF online theater)

Overall Rating
  • SESIFF is a very dynamic festival. I have been received with open hearts and I have spent some of my best days there! I would recommend it to anyone!!

    September 2023