Your path to become recognized as one of "The World's Best Self Funded Films" starts here: This is the official Cine Pobre Qualifying Film Festival.

Submissions between May 15 and September 15, 2020 are 100% FREE in all categories.

Selected films will be shortlisted for XIX Cine Pobre Film Festival 2021 at no cost. That is the principal benefit along with "Official Shortlist" Laurels. There is no prize money or awards ceremony. 7 out of 10 entries end up with an improved log line, a helpful critique and valuable suggestions. If your film has a trailer, and it should, it will be featured on the festival's website. There are no discounts, in fact there is no entry fee for the first two months starting April 1, 2020. Entry fees apply starting June 1, 2020.

While the validation date is October 30, 2020, all short-listed entrants will receive notification within 15 days of the staggered deadlines: April - May / June - July / August - September, i.e. every two months. Short-listed films receive a 100% waiver to enter
XIX Cine Pobre Film Festival 2021

No Rules & Simple Terms

Anything Goes.

Any film format, length, budget, genre, language, subject.

NOTE: Your Film Must Be 100% Self Funded or Crowd-Financed.

If you require a definition of "self funded" please consult a lexicon.

If you are a distributor, please contact us before submitting with a list of your proposed entries, synopsis, budget description/source of funding and links to trailers.