A sparkling Event with 5 days of Screenings on one of the most beautiful Coasts of central Italy. The Seashell International Film Festival selects Short Films, Feature Films, Documentaries, Animations, Music Videos and Web Series, organizing an Event full of Screenings, but also Workshops and Meetings in a wonderful summer atmosphere, near the sea.

• Short Films (less than 40 minutes)
• Feature Films (minimum 40 minutes)
• Music Videos (less than 10 minutes)
• Documentaries (no runtime limits)
• Animations (no runtime limits)
• Web Series (no runtime limits)

The winner of each category will receive our trophy and will be interviewed during the event. For short films there are multiple categories, based on the genre of the film. These are the trophies:
• Best Comedy Short Film
• Best Romance Short Film
• Best Drama Short Film
• Best Thriller Short Film
• Best Action Short Film
• Best Adventure Short Film
• Best Sci-Fi Short Film
• Best Fantasy Short Film
• Best Mystery Short Film
• Best Horror Short Film
• Best Historical Short Film
• Best Western Short Film
• Best Experimental Short Film
• Best Silent Short Film
• Best Musical Short Film
• Best Feature Film
• Best Documentary
• Best Animation
• Best Music Video
• Best Web Serie

The duration allowed including credits for Short Films is less than 40 minutes, for Feature Films is at least 40 minutes, for Music Videoclips is less than 10 minutes. There are no runtime limits for Animations, Documentaries and Web-Series.

Works of any genre and nationality are admitted.

All works in languages other than Italian must have Italian subtitles, or must provide the list of dialogues in Italian or English.

No première status is required and the work must be definitive and must have been finished no more than 3 years before the Festival Edition.

The submitter guarantees the lawfulness of the work and declares that all content, including the soundtrack, are free of copyright, freeing the "Seashell International Film Festival" from any claims of any kind related to intellectual property.

The jury's decisions on the selected works are unquestionable and it is not possible to provide feedback on the jury's decisions.

The official price for each submission is $10. Submission fees are non-refundable in case of error by the submitter, or in case of non-selection at the festival.

Submission for the festival implies complete unconditional acceptance of these rules and authorization for public screening of the winning Works.

The Court of Rome is competent for any dispute.