The 2022 Script Pipeline Screenwriting and TV Writing Competitions head into their 20th and 15th seasons, continuing the search for up-and-coming talent and connecting them with top producers, agencies, and managers. As one of the longest-running and most successful screenplay contests, we focus specifically on finding writers representation, supporting diverse voices, championing marketable, ambitious storytelling, and pushing original projects into production.

The company’s unique process, consisting of long-term writer development and widespread circulation of material, gives finalists access to top execs worldwide as well as the proper guidance to advance their careers.

Over $8 million in screenplays and pilots have been sold by Script Pipeline writers, with numerous scripts produced since 1999. In 2020, Legendary picked up finalist screenplay Bring Me Back by Crosby Selander for seven figures, and in the last several years, Script Pipeline winners and finalists have optioned screenplays, sold shows, or were staffed on streaming and network series. Both 2021 winners—Erin Muroski for TV Writing and Daniel Jackson for Screenwriting—signed with reps at Bellevue, and Cauliflower garnered the #1 spot on the that year's Black List. Many others have signed with reps at UTA, Kaplan/Perrone, Alibi Management, Zero Gravity, and more after Script Pipeline introductions. View notable success stories.

- Grand Prize Winner: $25,000 each for Screenwriting and TV Writing ($50,000 total)

- Runners-up: $2,500 each for Screenwriting and TV Writing ($5,000 total)

- Introductions to managers, producers, agents, directors, and others searching for screenplays

- Long-term script circulation to industry and continual guidance connecting with companies

- Development assistance from Script Pipeline's senior execs

- Additional script reviews and consideration of other material for industry exposure

- Exclusive invitations to annual writer and industry events hosted by Pipeline Media Group

Up to 75 Quarterfinalists and 30 Semifinalists will receive general feedback on their work from Script Pipeline's development execs, plus consideration for industry circulation.

Judging is based primarily on the overall quality of the script, including storytelling ability and fundamental components (e.g. dialogue, plot, structure, and characterization). Concept marketability, originality, and writing style are also taken into consideration.

Best piece of advice is to submit material that highlights your distinct voice---what separates your script from the norm. Although we're strict on judging and only work with a select group of writers annually, all types of genres and styles are fair game. In the past, finalist and winning screenplays have ranged from microbudget indies, to true stories, big-budget sci-fi, straight genre pieces, and everything in-between.

Being selected as a Quarterfinalist or higher means that we feel the script has potential, the writing is above average, and it's a project we're confident in helping further develop and promote to industry.

All contest judges are comprised of our regular Script Pipeline development execs and senior-level staff. We don't use unpaid interns or volunteers.

Basic guidelines:

- Cover page should include the title, but remove any contact information (name, email address, etc.). Logline and genre on the title page as well is preferred.

- Co-writers are allowed. List each writer's name when registering your script.

- PDF required. All software should have a convert to PDF function, including Final Draft and other screenwriting software.

- For the Screenwriting Contest: Script should be a feature-length screenplay.

- For the TV Writing Contest: Script should be an original pilot. We will NOT be accepting spec scripts of existing shows.

- All genres are allowed, and there are no length requirements for either contest. If it's a multi-part series, please send only the first part.

- Script Pipeline Screenwriting or TV Writing winners, runners-up, and finalists since 2011 are not eligible.

- No limit on the number of entries. Each entry is a separate fee.

- Simultaneous submissions are allowed (i.e., you can enter other screenwriting contests with the same script).

- All rights to the material remain with the entrant, whether they place as a finalist or not.

- The script entered must not have been produced in its full form. Shorts based on the script are fine.

- Electronic submissions only.

- Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age at time of entry.

For full rules:

Overall Rating
  • Paul Horan

    Excellent experience, from the effort they put into the sheer quantity of their reading, to the opportunities they actively work to provide for writers.

    August 2021
  • Sommer Rusinski

    Script Pipeline is an incredible organization absolutely devoted to growing the network of young writers. I was a finalist in their TV Writing competition last year, and Matt and the gang have stayed in constant communication with me since. One of the good ones...definitely worth the cost of admission! Best of luck!

    May 2019
  • Margarita Rozenbaoum

    This was a game changer for me— it was the first bigger competition I entered, and to be chosen as a Top Ten Finalist opened up a lot of opportunities. I ended up getting meetings with a couple top networks (SP sends out your logline if you’re Top Ten.) From there, I ultimately networked my way to an agent, and actually made some really good friends too (from peer networking opportunities offered by SP). The Script Pipeline staff is also very communicative— we still keep in touch a year later. This is a great competition to enter if you want to feel like you’re more than just a number.

    May 2019
  • Adrienne Dawes

    This is my second year to apply to a Script Pipeline competition and I didn't feel like the experience is worth the cost of submission. Best of luck to everyone!

    August 2017