The Screen and Story Film Festival is run by likeminded volunteers from different sectors of the professional film community all working towards one common mission.

We exist to enhance and empower global filmmakers and writers around the world, giving a platform to all in-discriminative of location, race, sexuality, gender, religion, disability or socio-economic background, with no exceptions.

Please carefully read the details of our 2021 edition below before submitting your script or film.

Our Values are to:
- To find, develop and promote undiscovered international filmmaking talent, encouraging them to showcase their films and let their voices be heard in an engaging and inspiring atmosphere where creativity and powerful storytelling abounds.

- To level the playing field for filmmakers, always providing equal opportunities to all through a broad open call free from theme at least once a year.

- To create an all-encompassing support network of filmmakers for the filmmakers. Fostering connection for collaboration, encouragement and advice.

- To give independent film a diverse and worldwide audience and reach a wide range of communities with films they may not generally have access to.

- To be nomadic and take the festival to interesting and unexplored territories.

- To be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of location.

Screen and Story Film Festival Background

The Screen and Story Film Festival is an open global festival giving filmmakers a platform to showcase their stories to diverse audiences across the world. Our first edition opened as a result of the pandemic in 2020 with our first virtual edition featuring 21 shorts from 10 countries. This year we are expanding our film programme to screenings of shorts, features and documentaries. The 2021 festival edition will bring its inaugural screenwriting competition to celebrate the power of storytelling combined with a full range of industry-leading events. All screenings, events and talks will be held virtually.

Screen and Story 2021 Edition

Our 2021 edition sees a global open call for submissions that encourages all filmmakers to submit their work. With no submission fee, the festival focuses on one common mission: to enhance and empower worldwide filmmaking, providing a platform to all regardless of location, race, sexuality, gender identity, faith, disability or socio-economic background, with no exceptions. For the this year's edition, we are particularly interested in receiving submissions that speak to one or more of the following topics:

How have climate change and environmental awareness impacted the way we look at the world and the ways we engage with nature and cities? How is materiality being reconceptualised and what role can cinema play in giving visual form to these tensions? We are looking not just for films explicitly about shifts in human and physical geography, but also any work that points to these transformations and to this new green consciousness even in the simplest of forms.

We are interested in films that explore, in the widest of sense of the term, the role technology plays in our lives. Your work might address automatization, the digital turn, issues surrounding the instrumentalization of technology, or it might question how relationships and livelihoods have been impacted (for the better and for the worse) by modern technology, even in places where it is lacking.

Humour is present in our lives down to the finest of details. It is not just about what makes us laugh, but it is also about how we approach the world: our differing senses of humour and levels of cynicism give us unique perspectives on what surrounds us. Though comedies fit the prompt in a more obvious way, we also want visual stories that have playfulness and wit at their core.

Though 15% of the global population live with it in some form or another, disability is rarely the subject of filmmaking in a world that remains ableist. Moving image has the power to give visibility to all forms of disability, and we welcome submissions that contribute to this endeavour. In pluralising the term, disabilities rather than just disability, we are opening the stage to films addressing physical, emotional, and psychological obstacles.

Forced isolation has completely reshuffled our understanding of intimacy, connection, and love. On the one hand, we have had to find new ways to fulfil the human need for social contact and for affection. On the other, we have been forced to reconsider what space and places mean to us – both those where we have had to seclude and where we can no longer go. Home is both a physical place and a network of people. Longing, love, kindness, heartbreak, eroticism, disconnection: what does your film have to say about these?

Becoming oneself is a life-long journey. From the moment we are born, we look for ways to categorise ourselves and spend our lives coming to terms with the faultiness of such categories. The self does not end where the body does: communities and other people play a (detrimental or constructive) role in defining who we are and push us to imagine what our place in the world ought to be. The notion of self is elastic and we are looking for submissions that can help expand it.

Please SUBMIT your work EVEN IF IT DOES NOT fit into one of these provisional themes.

The festival will be awarding in both the film and the screenwriting categories.

The awards for film will be as follows:
- Official Selection - Selected to be part of the 2021 festival programme.

- Nominee - 3 Films from each of the main awards will be shortlisted.

- Honourable Mention for each of the thematics - Sustainability / Technology / Self / Affection / Disabilities* / Humour.

- Outstanding Film
- Outstanding Animation
- Outstanding Documentary

*To be eligible to win the Honourable Mention award for Disabilities your film must be D-Rated. For more information visit this website:

The awards for screenplays will be for each of the categories of short, feature and tv:

- Quarter Finalist - The top 25% of submissions
- Semi Finalist - The top 10% of submissions
- Finalist - The top 1% of submissions

All finalists will then be eligible to win:

- Outstanding Screenplay - Feature Film
- Outstanding Screenplay - Short Film
- Outstanding Screenplay - TV

- Honourable mention - Overall screenplay

The Screen and Story Film Festival is an online independent festival run by volunteers within the film community. Your film and script will be screened/read by the relevant team unbiasedly. The films/scripts chosen to feature in the festival will become eligible to be shortlisted for the award categories within that sector. The film festival team will compose the shortlist before employing an industry panel to make the final decision on any awards.

By submitting your film to the Screen and Story Film Festival you accept the following rules, terms and conditions.

1) The copyright of the materials is owned by the producers/writers submitting the film to the festival. If your film is based on existing IP, characters, published books, archive footage, articles, stills, music etc you will have explicit rights clearance and copyright to use that IP within your film from the rights holders. If requested you will be able to show proof of that copyright ownership.

2) For Film - You give the Screen and Story Film Festival permission to screen your film to an international audience with no geographical restrictions. You cannot exclude screening from one particular region if you submit to S&S.

3) We only accept one submission per director/screenwriter. We will accept your first submission as your only submission. Any subsequent submissions will be disregarded and not judged.

4) Submissions do not require premiere status and can be already submitted to other festivals. Please disclose the other festivals as part of your application.

5) For Film - The submission can be in any language, however all submission must include English subtitles regardless of the language spoken within the film.

6) For Screenwriters - Your screenplay must be in the English language.

7) For Film - You give the festival organisers permission to use up to 30 seconds of your film for promotional and marketing activities surrounding the festival.

8) On acceptance in the festival you give Screen and Story Film Festival permission to feature the filmmakers profile and details on our website and in marketing communications.

9) For Film - The submitted film must be made after 1st January 2018.

10) For Screenwriters - You screenplay can be written at any time but must be un-produced. Should your film get optioned or picked up by a producer or film production company after submitting to the festival, please inform us as soon as possible.

11) For Film - Your film must not exceed the specified length within the category you are applying for. Feature Films - 60 minutes +, Short Films 15 minutes and below, Documentary Films - Any Length, Feature Screenplays - 60 pages+, Short Screenplays - 15 pages and below, TV Screenplay - 65 pages or less.

12) All decisions made by the festival are final and cannot be challenged.

13) The festival organisers reserve the right to change, cancel, and amend the festival dates as they feel appropriate.

14) All decisions on programming are final and you agree that we can put your feel into whichever section of the festival we feel fits your film.

15) The final deadline for submissions is at 11:59MP (BST) on Sunday 11th July 2021 with no exceptions.

16) Screen and Story Film Festival reserves the right to amend these rules and conditions at any time.

17) Short-listed entrants will be notified by email that they have progressed to the next stage of judging for the festival.

18) If you are found to have breached any of the rules or terms of conditions, the Screen and Story Film Festival reserve the right to disqualify you from the festival.

19) Updated 20:51(BST) - 21/06/2021 - By submitting to the festival you agree to receive marketing emails regarding the festival.

Overall Rating
  • Great festival! We are so excited that our first movie "A Beautiful Day" has been Selected! Good luck in your future festivals and projects! Thank you all team..

    November 2021
  • Cybelle Mendes

    Fantastic Festival. Hope to participate next year!

    October 2021
  • It was a great experience being part of Screen & Story Film Festival. I felt that the festival team care deeply about the art form and sharing it with the public. This is a festival which embraces your work and celebrates it. It was great giving a Q and A and feeling that our film had been truly witnessed. The films were expertly curated and I enjoyed the online selections. Teaming up with a film review company was great and the review was detailed and enlightening . Huge thanks to the Screen and Story festival, a shining light.

    October 2021
  • Dear friends of Screen & Story Film Festival. We are very grateful that they gave us the opportunity to premiere our feature film "Those who do not want to see" worldwide.
    Congratulations on the selected programming, the chosen themes, and the screenings. Everything was wonderful!!
    A big thanks to Fernanda ;)

    October 2021
  • Léo Combette

    It was my first experience in a movie festival.. It's awsome that people take care of your work !
    This festival shows a big panel of different style of movie, it's really cool !
    A big thanks to Fernanda ;)

    October 2021