DUE TO COVID-19, OPEN SUBMISSIONS UNTIL FEBRUARY 2021 OF NEXT YEAR! Submit now. Get up! Get out! And get Scared! The 2020 Screamwriting Festival presented by Hollywood Jumbo is here! Enter your script or film for bloody trophies, promotional buzz for winners, and be listed for Official Selections, Finalists, and Semi-Finalists, as well as Honorable Mentions. Get scared but get the recognition you deserve. All submissions receive coverage/feedback from Industry Professionals. International submissions accepted. For more information and guidelines regarding the 2020 Screamwriting Festival, please visit screamwritingfestival.com and submit your screenplay or film online today!

Overseas submissions (outside of the USA) if you are unable to submit on FilmFreeway, please submit manuscript directly to screamwritingfestival@gmail.com and pay the initial entry fee provided.

Prizes: trophies, promotional buzz like articles, personal interviews with winners, official selections, finalists, and semi-finalists. Screenplay coverage for all entries from Industry Professionals. Plus, all winning scripts get read by a Hollywood Agent. The awards ceremony will be either online or at the actual location (depending on the pandemic-the virus scares us all) on February. 14th, 2021 at the Peerspace Warehouse in Burbank (7:00 pm - 9:30 pm). Despite the pandemic, the show goes on-- either online or as originally planned. You do not have to attend to win any trophies or awards. It will simply be mailed to you, otherwise. To attend, you must RSVP to screamwritingfestival@gmail.com for seating availability.



All submissions must be original work, unless it's an adaptation. If it is, then please state on the front of the script if it is. The same goes for film submissions. In the case of film submission, please simply email us and let us know it is an adaptation. For example: This is an adaptation of "Freddy Meets Gumby." Also, anything written in the style of horror or comedy is totally acceptable. Remember, Ghostbusters was horror but also a mix of comedy. Go ahead and submit the manuscript, we would love to read it.

Overseas submissions (anywhere outside of the USA) if you are having trouble using FilmFreeway you can submit your manuscript directly through email or Google Drive (or Dropbox), whatever works at screamwritingfestival@gmail.com

Please note that plagiarism is a serious offense unless otherwise public domain - unoriginal works might pass through us unnoticed but it may not be good for your career in the long run.

Works that fall under public domain, of course, have no copyright. So you are free to submit anything within the general public domain and it falls under adaptation anyway. Do you have to have the rights to the specific adaptation? No. This is on you, and we are a film & Screenplay Festival. Just as long as you state that you are adapting, then you are honest. We are giving out talent awards by professionals so you can use that achievement to acquire rights on your own, and it might help you on that end. If you wish to purchase rights from a company or publisher, that is your decision.

Short Films:

The 15 second scare! This category is a short, 15 second horror flick. It can be done with your cell phone, or any camera. Think you can do it in 15 seconds! You can shoot this on professional camera or cell phone. Make us flinch!

The pumpkin short film submissions should be no longer than 10-59 minutes.

Horror Feature Film - Must be longer than 60 minutes.


Horror Short film scripts must be between 5 - 69 pages.

Horror Features are between 70-145 pages.

Horror TV Pilots can be between 28 -65 pages.

All screenplays must be written in professional screenplay format.

Any valid screenwriting software can be used. Final Draft is the Industry standard.

Microsoft Word has a screenplay template bundled into the Word package.

Just learning screenwriting format? Visit Final Draft on Youtube for some insightful videos.

Also, consider reading The Screenwriter's Bible (this book is available on Amazon) which can be purchased there.

All screenplays will receive professional Hollywood coverage (which will be emailed back to you as a .pdf file).

Submission of a screenplay is for the purpose of festival awards and complimentary criticism (for helpful insights, improvements and writer growth) of written works (and of course, coverage is provided with each entry).

We apologize, there are no refunds. Our Judges/Readers begin reading the scripts as soon as we get them, and then they go immediately into doing coverage on them from there. The same will be for short film submissions; we are working on judging them as soon as we get them to meet the deadline.

Good luck, pumpkins!

Overall Rating
  • I was honored to be a part of this festival and thrilled that my short film received an award and my feature scripts both became Official Selections! The team kept us updated and there was great communication throughout the process. I'll definitely submit future projects!

    February 2021
  • Totally an amazing festival to submit your projects to. So, if you have one or two, submit, submit, submit! Great organizers. I'll definitely submitting future projects.

    February 2021
  • A truly fantastic festival This is the real deal. Wonder people. Had a blast. I will submit again
    Thanks for the finalist
    Michael Moutsatsos
    Amityville Legend script

    February 2021
  • Spectacular, awesome, fantastic and a fun group in these crazy times. I'm looking forward when we can return to pre pandemic days.

    February 2021
  • FABULOUSO! Don't miss this one!!!

    February 2021