Hello filmmakers!
I’m so glad you found this festival and I sincerely hope you choose to submit your film to us. The festival is still small and in its infancy but it’s constantly changing, growing, and looking for ways to improve, however, the motives and ethos of the festival will never change. As we grow, I hope to add more for the filmmakers that join the festival, but for now we offer you our custom-made laurels to help your advertising campaigns because who wants to use the boring generic ones, right?
If you’re wondering if this festival is for you, please read the point-by-point descriptions below.
• Screaming Droid Film Festival may be small, but it is one dedicated to showing works that promote and invite discussion. Film is a medium that allows anyone to speak, to say something, to tell the word, to explain, to educate, to show us perhaps something we haven’t seen or heard or understood before.

• It’s of vital importance to us to keep submission costs as low as we can. I strongly believe that the opportunity to show your film to the world shouldn’t be restricted to the elite or the rich. Screaming Droid Film Festival wants to be able to play films that were made with big budgets right along side the films made with zero budget, because neither one holds more importance, or weight to the other and a budget absolutely does not make a film valuable, the message does.

• What kind of films get chosen? There’s a lot that goes into the selection process. My partner says she knows it was a good film if she’s still thinking about it when she goes to bed. This is the essence of the selection process. We want people to finish watching a film and need to talk about it after. If your film offers a take on something, discusses a controversial topic, has a subject that is rarely talked about, or just says something that matters, it has a good chance of being selected.

• Genre and styles. It doesn’t matter. Screaming Droid Film Festival will play an all-out gore horror right next to a romance without battering an eye if they work thematically. This festival does not have those kinds of restrictions. Submit whatever you like!

• Time. We want to show as much as we can in the small amount of time we have. Due to this we do have a time limit for films of 20 minutes. We hope to be able to offer an option to submit longer films and features, but for now we are limited to 20 minutes per film.

• Film. Analogue film. Real, physical film. The production of film stocks is dying and struggling to stay in production. There are very few companies that still have the ability to produce film, even less that can produce colour film. To make sure we are part of the solution and not the problem, we have a dedicated category for those of you who are passionate about analogue. If it was made on film, you can submit it there, and once again, the cost is incredibly low, because we know how expensive film stocks are.

All submissions are through FilmFreeway and we offer a discount if you want to be considered across multiple categories. Submissions are open for the following year almost as soon as the current season has finished so you can submit almost anytime and not have to worry about the price going up as time goes on.
We cannot wait to see what you submit! Good luck and I hope to see you at the festival.

If any categories have too few submissions they will be combined with another category that suits, e.g. Horror into fiction etc.

As well as getting your laurels the winning and selected films will be screened to a live audience which includes specially invited guests such as academics, industry professionals, other festival hosts and media representatives.

1. Any film not in english must include english subtitles.