We strive to give a platform for the best of indie horror, celebrating the most creative ideas of up-and-coming indie horror filmmakers, digital art creators, actors, and artists of all forms. And we wanna help you get to the next level in your film journey!

Direct? Write? Produce? Act? Model? Have a monologue? We want to see it!

This festival was inspired to honor the life of actor and military veteran, Maria Ortiz, who committed suicide. We honor her memory by the creation of a small scholarship for a female military veteran in need. Want to nominate someone for the fiscal sponsorship?

We would love to have you!
Best films will also have the option to be in an anthology to get distribution.


Best Horror Film
Best Scream Queen
Male Identifying Actor in a Horror Film
Best Student Horror Film
Best Horror film FOR KIDS (k-12 please)
Best Student Thriller
Best Film by a student under the age of 21 (Doesn't have to be Horror and can be a k-12 project)
Best Horror Feature Film
Best Thriller Feature
Best Horror Short Film
Best Thriller Short Film
Best Screenplay (Doesn't have to be Horror/Thriller, come on now, we like other stuff!)
Best 360 Film
Best Photo/ Image -- Doesn't have to be gory, are you a model? Cool. SEND IT!
Best Music Video
Best Horror/ Thriller Documentary - PLEASE no snagging from Investigation Discovery ;)

Veteran Actor Award - Best actor who is also a veteran.
Gotta demo reel? Really?
Show us whatchu got! May the best actor win!

Military Veteran Director Award - Shoot to kill.

To the best actors: we will probably try and get you to be in one of our movies.
Sorry, not sorry.

Directors/ producers? Let's collab.
Distro? We know some folks!
Wanna team up? Cool. Teamwork, baby.

Must be your own original work
Horror/ Thriller preferred, but ALL genres accepted.

Overall Rating
  • Trisha Gianesin

    Thank you so much for nominating my first short screenplay, #6, for this years Festival! It was such a fun experience - Can't wait enter the finished film into next years festival. Thanks for an amazing first experience!

    March 2024
  • Louie Duran

    Thank you for bringing our film project to the screen for your audiences. We are happy to have been chosen as Best Horror Short!

    March 2024
  • Alberto Rodriguez

    Communication was great. Networking opportunities with podcasts, distribution possibilities, and collaboration on future projects were all a priority for Scream Queen. Overall really cool!

    March 2024
  • What a great experience! Thanks so much!!

    March 2024
  • Jeff Harder

    The Carmilla Vive team is really excited and grateful for the awards. Great communication and a great fest overall!

    March 2024