Switzerland2291 - 1000 year anniversary

Is tomorrow too far to think about? Or is it already tomorrow? How will we live? What drives us? What do we want, what not?

Take part and surprise us with your creative, astonishing short film focussing on the topic “tomorrow”. Be inspired and inspire others with your unique perspective to what is going to be “tomorrow”. Let us know what is in your mind and heart, and win prizes worth CHF 5,000 in total.

The Top3 Winners will be announced at the Award ceremony on October 24, 2019 taking place as part of shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival in the beautiful Kornhausforum in Berne, Switzerland. The excitement will peak with the selection of the overall Winner 2019 by the audience with a live voting.

The short film competition complements the book Schweiz2291, published in October 2018: 70 fascinating Swiss personalities between 35 and 92 years describe Switzerland at its 1,000th birthday. Switzerland2291 allows for free thoughts and connects generations in a refreshing future dialogue. The idea for Switzerland2291 originates from a visit to Hawaii: The old Hawaiians had the ambition to consider the impact of their decisions on the next seven generations. And: Generation 7 is the young team that will release the second edition of the book Schweiz2291 in 50 years or 2068 - we walk the talk.

The short film competition is organized by Switzerland2291, a project of the YODEL Foundation based in Zurich.

The Top3 Winners get awarded with a total of CHF 5'000 in cash prices, and exclusive in kind prices. All nominees are evaluated by a high-level jury including authors of the book Schweiz2291, as well as film experts and producers from Switzerland, London and Los Angeles.

For more information visit www.schweiz2291.ch