The Scandinavian Wildlife Film Festival (SWFF) takes place in Hunnebostrand, Sweden every other year. The next festival will take place February
8-11, 2024. It is organized by the Association of Swedish Wildlife Filmmakers, a non-profit organization of filmmakers living or working in Sweden.
The festival promotes nature/wildlife documentaries produced by filmmakers living or working in Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, Norway), Finland and the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania). Although filmmakers must be living or working in these countries to qualify, the films can depict nature/wildlife from anywhere in the world.

Films will be chosen by festival jury with prizes given for:
Best overall film
Best story

The 7th SWFF Call for Entries is open from July 1 to November 1, 2023.
This years theme is Caring for Nature

SWFF considers creative documentaries or animated films (7+ min) completed after January 1, 2019. NOTE: The Festival does not accept fiction!

Filmmakers must be living or working in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania.

Films can be submitted in one of two categories:
A – Feature doc
B – Short doc

Films in all categories must have the following theme: Caring for Nature

Films may have been previously entered in other, similar festivals.

The number of entries by one author is not limited.

It is preferable, but not mandatory, that all films have English subtitles.

Entrant guarantees that third parties have no claim on the submitted films.

Acceptable preview screener must be a private/password-protected and downloadable video file in any of the following formats: MOV, MP4 or AVI (max 5 GB). We do not accept entries that are viewable in public domain!

Each entry must be accompanied by the items below:
- at least two (2) publicity stills from the film
- full production credits
- director's/presenter's contact (e-mail & postal address)
- film synopsis max 100 words
- trailer (YouTube link or downloadable)

If the film does not meet all of these requirements, it will not be eligible for selection.

It is important to enter your films as early as possible! The Festival is not in obligation to view late entries!

Screening copy may be in the following formats: DCP or a digital file. File format: MOV, MP4 or AVI.
The screening copies must reach the Organizers by January 1, 2024 at the latest.
The full list of films admitted to the program will be published on the Festival website on December 20, 2023.
Full details on all films and program information will be announced on the Festival website on December 20, 2023.

Selection Process:
The Selection Committee appointed by the Organizers will make the selection from the entries. SWFF will select 8-10 Category A - Feature doc, 3-4 Category B - Short doc to be screened during the festival program.

Entrants will be notified of their acceptance or rejection to the Festival by December 15, 2023. SWFF is under no obligation to provide comments or feedback regarding the submitted film to the applicant or any other representative of the submitted film.

Category A - Feature doc - films will be screened in the regular program with a presentation and Q&A with the filmmaker. Filmmaker participation is greatly appreciated.

Category B – Short doc

Screening and Promotion
All films selected to the program will be screened only at the Festival events. Any additional screenings outside the Festival program shall require a separate prior consent expressed by the producer or distributor.

Participant consents to the Organizers publishing information about the film including the trailer on the festival website as well as in all printed festival (such as the catalogue, the program, leaflets, etc.) and press materials.

Participant consents for noncommercial Festival purposes, media, television stations and partner Internet portals may be granted access to film materials (stills, information), trailers or film excerpts of a max 3 minutes.

Participant shall not withdraw his/her film from the Festival once the selection is confirmed by the Festival.
The films accepted to the Festival shall be available for free viewing at the Festival video library during the Festival.

All preview copies will remain in the Festival archives and will be exclusively used for the Festival promotional events and in educational purposes.

With each film selected for viewing one person - director, producer, cinematographer, distributor or official representative - is invited to attend the Festival and will be provided a festival pass that grants entry to all events and meals during the festival February 8-11, 2024.

Final Provisions
The Organizers assume responsibility for the screening copies of films during the Festival. The screening copies will be returned to their owners within two months.
The Organizers will meet the costs of return shipping.
Copyright: Submitting the films to the Festival the participants are simultaneously agreed to permit entries to be shown during the Festival without any charge to the Festival Organizers.