As storytellers, we believe that the words we say create the world in which we live in; our words have the power to transform who we are as human beings, and our environment. Thus, we choose to communicate using colorful words of courage, compassion and authenticity, and we say them on the third largest LED screen on the east coast of the United States of America, at the SAY IT LOUD Film Festival. Wanna share your story?

Films will be selected based on their ability to move, touch and inspire viewers. The subject matter of the films will include, and not be limited to: the Baltimore Uprising, the black male experience, the police officer experience, women’s rights, Native-American history, the immigrant experience and immigration policy, Cuban Marielitos, LGTBQ community, persecution of Jews, the Nation of Islam, organized religion, political prisoners, mental illness, corruption, overpopulation, pro-life, pro-choice, education, sanitation, eating disorders, addiction, impoverished communities, natural disasters, the homeless, people with disabilities, animals, and Mother Earth. Our purpose is to unite, engage and inspire all filmmakers and audience members, around the world.

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Best Short Narrative - Student
Best Short Narrative - Professional

Best Short Documentary - Student
Best Short Documentary - Professional

Best Short Experimental & Animation - Student
Best Short Experimental & Animation - Professional

1. SHORTS FILMS: Films should be no longer than 20 minutes.

2. COLLEGIATE MADE: Films shot while in a Masters, BA program qualify. Filmmakers will be required to show a student ID or other proof at the time of selection.

3. PROFESSIONAL MADE: Films created by non-student filmmakers.

* Festival organizers reserve the right not to give an award in a category, if the quality or quantity of submissions does not warrant it; if an otherwise high quality film falls in a genre category that is not viable this year for these stated reasons, the film will either be shown and compete in a related genre category, or be considered by judges the following year without the filmmaker's need to resubmit it.