The Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival presents a vibrant and imaginative exploration of the dynamic intersection between the realms of fashion and film. This fusion, showcasing the collaborative efforts of creative minds in the fashion, film, and advertising industries, has garnered global recognition.

At the heart of the festival lies the intriguing interplay between fashion and film. This synergy is illuminated through a diverse array of offerings, including fashion films, advertising films, music videos, and short documentaries.

By attracting talents both local and international, our fashion festival has become a nurturing ground for professionals within the film sphere, encompassing fashion photographers, designers, stylists, models, artists, and beyond. It serves as a distinctive platform for fashion enthusiasts to cultivate connections, share insights, broaden horizons, and tap into a realm of opportunities, both within Bosnia and Herzegovina and on a global scale.

Our event promises an immersive experience for all participants, offering a series of captivating activities where accomplished experts share their knowledge and journeys. Engaging panel discussions and enriching lectures are designed to enhance and elevate the art form, contributing to the growth of all involved.

Embracing a spirit of inclusivity, the Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival is open to all who possess an interest in the domain. This renders it one of the most anticipated fashion gatherings in the region, a celebration of creativity, innovation, and collaborative spirit that resonates far beyond its boundaries.

Welcoming all who are interested, the Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival stands as one of the most anticipated fashion events in the region.

The Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival Awards bring to the forefront the brilliance and innovation that arise from the fusion of fashion and film. With each award, we celebrate the exceptional talents who have redefined storytelling through style, pushing the boundaries of creativity and imagination.

1. Best Fashion Film: This award recognizes the overall best fashion film in terms of creativity, storytelling, and visual aesthetics. It celebrates the film that excels in merging fashion and cinematic art.

2. Best Direction: This award acknowledges the director's exceptional ability to guide the creative vision of the fashion film, effectively translating the concept and narrative into a visually compelling piece.

3. Best Photography: This award honors the cinematographer's outstanding skill in capturing the essence of the fashion film through expert camera work, lighting, and visual composition.

4. Best Actor: This award highlights the actor who delivers an exceptional performance, effectively embodying the film's characters and contributing to its narrative impact.

5. Best Actress: Similar to the Best Actor award, this accolade recognizes the female performer who stands out with her exceptional portrayal and contribution to the fashion film's storytelling.

6. Best Cinematography: This award celebrates the technical mastery and artistry behind the camera work, lighting, and framing that elevate the film's visual appeal.

7. Best Costume Design: The Best Costume Design award acknowledges the creative excellence in designing and selecting outfits that enhance the film's aesthetic and narrative.

8. Best Major Brand Production: This award recognizes the collaboration between the fashion film and a major brand, highlighting exceptional storytelling and brand integration.

9. Best Make-up and Hair Style: This accolade appreciates the skill and innovation in makeup and hair-styling, complementing the fashion film's characters and visual presentation.

10. Best Story: The Best Story award commends the fashion film that excels in storytelling, engaging the audience through a captivating narrative.

11. Best Visual and Special Effect: This award acknowledges outstanding technical achievements in visual and special effects that enhance the film's visual impact and narrative.

12. Best Music and Dance: Recognizing the power of music and dance in enhancing the film's emotional impact, this award honors the exceptional integration of these elements.

13. Best Young Director: This award celebrates the emerging talent of a young director who exhibits exceptional promise and creativity in fashion film-making.

14. Best Documentary: The Best Documentary award acknowledges the fashion film that skillfully presents real-life stories or insights related to the fashion industry.

15. Best Editing: This award recognizes the editor's contribution in shaping the narrative and pace of the fashion film, enhancing its overall impact.

Each of these awards is a testament to the boundless creativity that unfolds when fashion and film converge. We extend our congratulations to all the nominees and winners, and we look forward to witnessing how your collective artistry continues to shape the landscape of style and storytelling.

Rules & Terms - Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival

Welcome to the Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival! We are thrilled to have you participate in this celebration of creativity, style, and storytelling. Kindly review the following rules and terms before submitting your work:

1. Eligibility:
- Submitted films must have a clear connection to the world of fashion, whether through narrative, aesthetics, or concept.
- Films of all genres, including fashion films, advertising films, music videos, and short documentaries, are welcome.
- There are no geographical restrictions for submission; the festival is open to creators from around the world.

2. Submission Guidelines:
- All entries must be submitted through our official submission platform by the specified deadline.
- Filmmakers may submit multiple films, but each submission requires a separate entry form and fee.
- Films can be submitted in various formats, adhering to the technical specifications provided on our website.

3. Originality and Copyright:
- By submitting your film, you confirm that you own the rights to the content or have obtained the necessary permissions and clearances for all copyrighted materials within the film.
- Any infringement of copyright will result in disqualification from the festival.

4. Usage Rights:
- By submitting your film, you grant the Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival the right to screen your film during the festival and any associated events.
- You also grant permission to use clips or stills from your film for promotional purposes, including on our official website and social media platforms.

5. Selection and Notifications:
- Our selection committee will review all submitted films and make their selections based on creativity, storytelling, and relevance to the theme.
- Notifications of acceptance or rejection will be sent via email to the address provided during submission.

6. Awards:
- Nominated films will be considered for the awards listed in the festival's awards categories.
- The decisions of the jury panel are final and binding.

7. Attendance:
- Filmmakers of selected films are encouraged to attend the festival and participate in Q&A sessions, workshops, and networking events.
- The festival does not cover travel and accommodation expenses for attending filmmakers.

8. Submission Fees:
- Submission fees are non-refundable and must be paid at the time of entry.
- The fees contribute to the administrative costs of reviewing and processing the submissions.

9. Deadlines:
- Submission deadlines are as specified on our website. Late submissions will not be accepted.

10. Agreement:
- Submission of your film constitutes agreement with these Rules & Terms.

Thank you for your interest in the Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival. We can't wait to experience the magic of your creativity on our screens. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at the provided contact information.

Best regards,
Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival Team

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    A professional and interesting festival and I am honored to have been a part of it!
    Thank you so much !!!

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    Amazing team behind the festival and a brilliant online digital ceremony!
    Congrats to the whole team behind SFFF!

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    Great festival! An amazing gentle team!

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